Samsung Extends Olympic Cooperation

Korean Samsung is known to use a great deal of money on marketing, and the trend continues.

Samsung is already a part of the long ranks of companies that in one way or another makes equipment available at the Olympic Games in Exchange for a little advertising space, and it will continue to at least 2020.

Latest Samsung was also sponsor of the World Cup finals in football in Brazil, where their Samsung Galaxy 11 played a big role with some of football’s biggest names.

The International Olympic Committee and Samsung have extended their cooperation to the winter games in PyeongChang and the summer games in liuxers respectively in 2018 and 2020.

The agreement means that Samsung will be sponsor within the category ‘wireless communications equipment and computer equipment’. This means in fact that Samsung will stand to make tablets, phones, computers, printers, and its straight style available during the two sporting celebrations.
Samsung’s business with the International Olympic Committee began way back in 1988, where the games were held in Seoul in Samsung’s home country of South Korea.