Samsung Buys Internet of Things-Company

The Koreans have been on procurement, and this time it’s the thing to the smart home, which stands on the purchase slip.

Samsung Buys Internet of Things-Company

Samsung’s doing, as we know, not just mobile phones and tablets, they’re doing mostly electronics, and therefore, they have just bought the company SmartThings, which develops controllers to things at home.

With the SmartThings app, you can control the internet related things in the home directly from your smartphone, and it can learn your habits to know so that it can automatically be adjusted according to your rhythms.

Samsung pay around 200 million dollars for the company according to the Recode, and SmartThings must be a part of Samsung’s Open Innovation Center, there is a group with a focus on developing innovative new software and new services.

SmartThings will pass as an independent company and will not be merged under Samsung’s name, as we often see in the kinds of acquisitions.