Collectors are generous as buy of new watches

In the past year the Nobel timepiece, especially Swiss origin, a decline had to accept. Exports by 22 percent to 8 billion euros fell compared to the year 2008. Meanwhile demand rises but in ten of the 30 major markets.

No problems had the auctioneer of antique watches as auctioneer Stefan Muser, Dr. Crott, auction house said. Of the approximately 2000 watches, which he sold in the year, goes half to the far East. The turnover of the auction house 2009 amounted to €8 million, 2008 there were 7.2 million.

An interesting investment, which, however, requires a good knowledge of the market, to go into this difficult collection. Bernd Benkner on the website offers a good help. However, Benkner also warns that an investment is possible only in the long term. Muser also appreciates the time that a watch needs to significantly value to put on, for five to ten years.