Royale Wedding Dresses and Weddings to Celebrate!

Maybe it’s a wedding thing of mine, and actually it’s something you don’t admit (at least in my circle of friends)–but I love (almost) all the weddings of the current royal houses. Unfortunately, I missed the last of Sofia & Carl Philip (that’s what happens if you don’t have a TV at home) but at the last big and important weddings in Sweden, Monaco, Spain and England I was of course at the start.

The wedding of Victoria & Daniel in Sweden I looked alone in my WG and was surprised by my roommate, who was apparently taken by the fact that I was sitting in front of this media event before watching TV. At that time I swore to myself that this would not happen again, and when Kate and William were there, there was in my WG kitchen in Berlin the Great Royale sauce: English breakfast, sparkling wine and cake, the transmission (by delay on the net–unbelievable!) at the same time on Beamer and on TV and thanks to my dear roommate Sarah (who was also visibly relieved to not have to see the event secretly in her room) beamed the whole kitchen in white tulips. What should I say–it was a feast with my friends, it was so much fun and I will always remember this great afternoon (by the way the day after my master’s examination in history–coincidence? I hardly think so.)

What’s special about the whole thing? Well. For me, in fact, especially the bridal gown. Simple as that–the little great princess who allows the family to have the Designer_in of their choice and then to say “the fabric, the cut, and the whole embroidered in lace/organza/with crystals”. And a little bit of what the others wear to the event hurts Yes, if you are already in it, also not (Viktoria in black with the fascinationor in high pregnant and on Mörderheels–EEEEKKK!), finally “you know” all the faces for quite a long time ( At least if you were like me a grandmother whose favorite hobby was the royal houses and crossword puzzles.)

Now it is possible to think about today’s aristocracy, its social and political position as well as the meaning and purpose of a monarchy in today’s different ways–to question the whole of the critical questions, but still open an issue: Was the wedding dress now Top or flop? The only disappointment that has come to my mind in recent years was the wedding dress and the look of Victoria–I didn’t like the folded up sheets on top of the shoulders, but that’s of course, as always, a taste thing. I put together my best off here. All ahead for me stylish and chic: Mette-Marit made it super with the simple look with long sleeves, Letizia really liked me with the raised collar, but Charlene was not at all mentally at her wedding, but the dress was the hammer, and Kate, OH. Kate has somehow done so much right with the lace and the sleeves and all the drum around that it was almost a bit boring. But beautiful. By the way, I found the dress of Victoria’s sister Madelaine pretty good again–would be nothing for me but I think the wedding dress has stood her super.

According to Vintagesfinder, the Royale wedding dress out of competition is of course that of Grace Kelly. But that’s also due to the fact that Grace Kelly just runs out of competition. The most beautiful wedding dress of royal history, in my opinion. 100 years royale wedding dresses and little stories and info about designer and bride you can find on Zalando, just click through, it lets you awake memories…

How are you doing with royal weddings? Look or leave? which wedding dress and what marriage have you remembered and which clothes do you just run out of competition for you? Tell me in the comments.

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