Romantic Look Dresses in Soft Color

If the delicacy and romanticism is part of your life, you probably also like to bring this tastes on your dress. There is no rule. But it is natural that our way of being is also our way of dressing.

A delicate look is lighter, soft colors, also known as pastels which by its delicacy, let the woman even more. The prints more muted are also part of a delicate look.

A delicate look can be used on all occasions, formal, casual, elegant parties, more relaxed, just know how to wear them, making a difference in details such as transparency, embroidery, glitter, tissue fluids, among others. In addition, it passes a picture of relaxation, comfort and playfulness.

See the photo below. A super delicate look to be used perfectly by day, a trip to the mall, on an informal occasion, but which also combines perfectly with a party at night, with thinner sandals.

Think of a delicate and elegant look? The look 1, 2 below are extremely elegant, already look 3 though elegant is more for everyday life. Don’t forget that shoes in skin tone which stretch more legs (Photo 2 at, so if that’s not your intention, choose a shoe of a different color. The pattern of the short has a light blue background, again, also the more clear background, as a resuat the silhouette will be increased visually. The heels that compose the looks can be seamlessly replaced by sneakers.

When it comes to delicacy, romanticism, you can’t think of a floral look. The floral prints make the look even more romantic and feminine, whatever the piece, skirt, shorts, sweaters or jackets/blazers. See how simple is the combination of jackets, flowery blazers with shorts.

Note that the floral parts arise the most basic parts to not pollute too much on the look. Soon, the visual is modern without leaving aside the delicacy. The straitjackets above the shorts (Photo 3) leave the look in addition to modern, extremely fashion. Notice how beautiful the accessories are (Photo 2), such as necklaces, bracelets, left the visual yet elegant. More loose shorts (Photo 1) fall nicely into the body, do not show imperfections, fine-tune the legs visually and if the bottom of the print is dark decreases the silhouette.

If you want ideas to compose a delicate look with the goal to go to a party, opt for lace, sexy, coyer, has for all tastes. Kate Middleton could not be left out of the selection, as she is targeted by the looks of the world of fashion and always look very elegant. Even the color a bit stronger than dress the actress Marina Ruy Barbosa not overshadowed the delicacy’s look. See details such as lace, transparency, gloss and frilly, make a difference and make the delicate elegant look. White or almost white is true for a delicate and sophisticated look. Besides the delicacy, it also gives a look of princess.

Delicacy has everything to do with singer Taylor Swift, who parades and charms everyone with his sweet and delicate way, in which refers in its romantic looks and lightweight. The sandals with which she uses to compose the look make the visual still more graceful, announcing a super sensitive and feminine image.

But, not only is Taylor Swift who likes romantic and delicate style, other famous also parade time around looks in pastel. The style of Paola Oliveira, Emma Stone and Adriana Biroli are extremely sweet and sophisticated. Note that to complete the romantic look they used discrete sandals that make the look even more delicate.

Bruna Majmudar rocked too, even with a little stronger, but did not fail to be graceful. The recess calling Jacques to provide a more relaxed and jovial style. The “V” neckline of actress worn by Paola Oliveira elongates the silhouette. High-waisted skirt of Emma Stone disguises the tummy and the foldings present give a volume in the region of the hips, thrusting tip for the skinny girls who want to look chubby.