Roll up Shirt Sleeves

Apart from the warm or when do you have to do manual labor, in which the long sleeve is in the way, bring the shirt with the sleeves rolled up, indicates that you are in a friendly (friendly) or relaxation, where formality is of secondary importance.

That fact has nothing to do with free time only, when you go out with friends or a woman, but may also occur in a professional environment. In this case it is up to you, understand the environment and the people with whom you are dealing and especially the message you want to convey to you.

For example, about the office, work or a business situation, if you bring ...

1) The rolled sleeves + tie indicates a certain rigor, but you intend to transmit it in a friendly way.

2) The rolled sleeves without a tie (but always with shirt brought strictly inside the pants, important shoes with leather sole and matching belt) indicates a business situation as well as friendly, even relaxing. See Mensshirtsshop for details about men’s casual long sleeves shirts.

3) The rolled sleeves, without a tie and with his shirt untucked, flow is without a doubt a situation from outdoors, or a pretty creative working environment, where the formality is viewed with suspicion.

How far is better roll up your sleeve?

  • If the coil only 2 or 3 times in order to leave its length below the elbow, get an effect a little more.
  • Whereas if the coil a lot, right above the elbow, the effect will be much more sporty. Please note that in this case, your shirt must be pretty slim in both body and sleeve, otherwise the amount of rolled ti ingoffa arm, keep a smooth movement … as well as give you an image a bit dated.
  • Or, you can just turn the cuff and pull slightly on the English Channel almost to the elbow. Even so, though your shirt must have a slim fit which is dry, both in body and sleeve, otherwise the latter will slide down continuously.

This result, it is more suitable for a casual and leisure rather than business situation … because hardly your sleeve will always be a place where the layout. While in the two previous cases, the result you get is definitely more composure.