Ritot Smart Watch

Ritot is a smart bracelet capable of projecting different images on the back of our hand

The world smartwatch is still in launch phase and will remain in that state until the i Watch Apple promising Moto 360 or make an appearance. Meanwhile, existing devices do not seem too convincing users, especially those most detached from technological world. So today we bring Ritot, a device that could globalizing it within wearables and more specifically in the category of Smart Band.

Ritot Smart Watch

Ritot is a kind of smart bracelet that will remind us by their design to other devices like the Nike FuelBand or FitBit Flex. However, their functions have nothing to do with offering these cuantificadoras bracelets, since among other things will be able to show at all times which is projected directly onto the back of our hand time. Yes, we must have courage to carry it.

The team that is behind the development of Ritot admit proudly be the first to create a wristwatch with built-in projector. Do you remember those clocks that project the time on the ceiling of our room? For this device now done on our hand.

Actually, the point of that part Ritot it makes sense. Instead of showing the time and different information in a small, thin screen as all current smartwatch, what better toproject the contents directly onto the back of our hand. Of course, the issue of privacy is another matter.

Ritot has already raised more than $ 185,000 in his campaign Indiegogo, far exceeding the $ 50,000 expected

Apparently, the futuristic device that looks like a revamped version of the film “In time” enjoying it a lot among users of the network and has already managed toraise to launch the project more than $ 185,000 through a campaign Indiegogo. Developers admit to being surprised by the great reception that is taking Ritot, because at first the goal was marked at $ 50,000.

This particular smart bracelet will be able to show our smartphone notifications on our hand and other functions that are yet to reveal. As for its release date is expected to Ritot sent to start Indiegogo investors early next year.