Review: Tectoy Chicken Little Pintadinha Tablet

Undoubted success of audiences, whether on YouTube or DVD sales, Chicken Pintadinha has just arrived in the world of portable electronics. A partnership between Bromelia Productions-the creators of the cartoon-and Tectoy resulted in the tablet that we analyzed.

The device has very simple technical specifications, but has as a great attraction a special case of Chicken Pintadinha, which also comes with a blue stand that stands and”imitates” the character. In addition, the device has six applications unique to the most famous bird in Brazil today.

Galinha Pintadinha is a sales champion, has dozens of licensed products and the most watched YouTube channel in Brazil. Will the tablet be able to follow the same path?


The face of the Little Fowl

When looking at the tablet for the first time, you already face your main positive point: it is the face of Chicken Little. It’s okay that the wallpaper on the device, which is the face of the Chicken, could be reproduced by anyone, but the charm here is in the case that protects the device and the support for all that.

In the same color as the toy that is a success among the children, the tablet of Chicken Pintadinha is accompanied by a support that imitates the character, with the right “wings” and a pair of yellow feet, able to stand in front of the viewer. In addition, the case, which allows the tablet to fit into the holder, rotates up to 90 ° by changing the screen rotation.

Exclusive Content

Another feature that will please fans of Chicken Pintadinha is the exclusive content present on this tablet. In all, there are six applications that put the character in various situations, six different hobbies that still count on an educational bias, how to fit shapes, make a simple one.

The big highlight here is due to the unprecedented application Tagalog Chicken, which records what the child talks and plays with a funny voice. Taking into account the target audience of the product, you can risk that this kind of joke will start good laughs.


The battery of the tablet also does not leave something to be desired, inside, of course, of what you see there. Its performance is not exceptional, but it does not fall well short of other models in the same category, thus ensuring a few hours of use.

During our testing, within four hours of use a third of the battery was spent. During that time, a 30-minute video of YouTube (ie WiFi connected) was run, plus three benchmark tests and even a beautiful browser navigated by the handset’s unique applications. Anyway, the battery is nothing incredible, but it gives the message.

Well finished

The finishing of the appliance is another positive point. Besides the case and the stand are firm, with well made fittings, the tablet itself presents no major problems in this regard. Although it is made of a plastic material, it does not have cracks or appear to loosen easily, something interesting especially if it is a product intended to be manipulated by children.

Audio: ok

Audio playback is probably one of the most important points of this tablet, after all, it brings a direct link to the Chicken videos on YouTube. In this perspective, the only fault of the speakers of the device is not to reach larger volumes, because the reproduction has enough quality and contributes greatly with the experience of using the device.

3G modem support

A valuable resource for anyone thinking of having the tablet always connected to the internet, who knows for the child to take you on walks in places where there is no WiFi, is the support to use a 3G modem. This is a feature not present in most appliances and it is here-so one more plus point.


Poor performance

This tablet has a very clear objective: to fall into the graces of the same children who love Chicken Pintadinha who see in the drawings, the stuffed animal, the stickers and the various other products of the character. In this way, the question of performance can be analyzed from several points of view.

In any case, the result of the benchmarks we performed was not satisfactory, as can be seen in the graphs. Of course, the Pintadinha Chicken tablet was not made to compete with the big ones, but even if compared to other more basic devices like Tectoy Octopus, it leaves something to be desired.

And, in fact, you do not even have to wait for the results of benchmark tests to discover this reality, since it is noticed from the first time you manipulate the device. Slow transitions between app drawers and gags when opening two or more apps simultaneously report the tablet.

Screen: missing color, leftover reflection

Tectoy Chicken Pintadinha is not meant to be a cutting edge equipment, but it still leaves something to be desired in one crucial aspect: the screen. The display of the device does not have many positive features in this sense, as it does a lot of reflection (which hinders visualization of the content), besides having angulation problems.

If you leave the front of the device, it is almost impossible to know what is happening on the screen, because everything is darker there. In addition, the colors displayed on the Chicken Pintadinha tablet are not so vivid, remaining with a pale look that should displease a more demanding audience.

Although multitouch support, perhaps the big plus point of the screen, it does not bring any advanced protection, so to avoid risk issues. Thinking that this appliance will be used by very young children, this absence can cause some disorders to the quality of the device.


Within the purpose of the Tectoy Chicken Pintadinha, a camera that only takes minimally visible photos is already more than enough, after all, everything here can be summarized to the fact that this apparatus is intended for children of the youngest age. Even so, if you want to record your child’s moments in a slightly more competent way, you can not do this with Tectoy Chicken Pintadinha.

As it is made to be used inside the case and attached to the holder, although it is possible to remove it from there, there is no rear camera in the device, only a front. Without flash, it captures images at up to 0.3 megapixel and does not do it in a very striking way, leaving much to be desired.

Worth it?

Answering whether or not it is worth buying a tablet of Chicken Pintadinha is a difficult task, after all, to evaluate the product is already complicated, since it has a very specific purpose and that is very clear from the beginning: to reach an audience not demanding in relation Technical aspects.

Thinking this way, the device can be a good way to introduce the child to the world of electronics, because it brings elements of an already consecrated character in the middle of the school. It has a very attractive look and undoubtedly with the same power of catching the attention of the little ones that the character of the drawing has.

On the other hand, if the idea is a competent device, able to play some better games or even higher quality videos, this tablet is not what you are looking for. It is worth using here the saying”appearances deceive”, after all, if visually it stands out, technically leaves much to be desired in several items.

The bottom line is that the answer will vary according to what you want when buying this tablet for a child. The younger it is, the better it will be to experience something colorful, that makes noise and has cute little animals singing and drawing. It can be said that the price charged for the product is a great obstacle, the only one, perhaps, so that it falls on the graces of its target audience.