Review of the Compact Smart Towel: the Cheetah

The Compact Smart Towels, the Cheetah, is a multifunctional and practical product with size and weight. They come in a tube with 10 units.

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Size: Each washcloth when shut has a Tablet format, with 2 cm diameter by 1 cm high. When open measures approx. 30 cm by 23 cm.

Weight: The Compact Smart Towel weighs over 3 grams each.The tube with the 10 unit weighs 38 grams. Weight so insignificant that can be charged for any or all out, er site.

Material: The towel is made of cellulose and viscose fiber (100% Rayon), a texture “furadinha”, similar to “perfex” cloths.

Resistance: What is the fiber towel is made is fragile, so after some use the tissue begins to open and discard. Is a disposable product with limited lifespan. If you want to, you can rip it with your hands.

Sustainability: A super positive point is that the material is made of a biodegradable fiber, i.e. after discarding it you can bury in nature and in a few days he already decomposed. We did a test and it took 10 days to decompose, but of course this will vary depending on the land where it is thrown.

How to use

The towel comes like a Tablet, in a format that is hard and compact. To open you need to moisturize fibres. To do this, put a drop of water in an area and note, she will begin to expand, opening up instantly (if she doesn’t open too, put more an ounce). Bit by bit, carefully go pulling the fabric opened up for him to loosen up. When one side is more loose turn and pigue across. Again, take a puxadinhas (lightly) on the fabric to help him open up. If, after opening both ways, she’s still with the middle part hard and compact, put it on that site over an ounce and ready, she soon will open completely and is ready for use.

See how to open the towel watching at the end of the video posted below.

Intended use

The washcloth is multifunctional and can be used for many activities, however, we highlight and indicate the use in at least 4 specific situations:

Dry: How we cite to open the compact smart towel you need to put a few drops of water in it, namely to stay open she will be slightly moist. However your absorption capacity is great and even wet can still absorb more water. After open if you leave it a bit in the Sun or the wind she is completely dry and so can absorb more water. Can be a towel Joker to various situations on trails or times when you didn’t intend to get wet but it ended up happening. The absorption is great, but due to your size can be a bit cumbersome or time-consuming to dry with her.
It’s good also for drying objects such as tent, awning, etc, before storing.

Refresh: Another function of it’s use as a refreshing towel on trails or very hot especially if you are hiking trails where you can’t be getting wet and wasting water.

Clean: A rather obvious utility is to use the General cleaning cloth, especially in camping folllowing Campingship. However as the tissue and fragile, if used to clean something more porous it can start ripping. Ideal for final cleanings, taking soil, sand

Sanitize: A great idea (and already adopted by me) is to add one of these towels to the first-aid Kit, where it is stored so that no soil or water it can be used to clean and protect wounds, stem cuttings, etc. But for this use is essential to keep it separated and cleaned.

Our suggestion: The towels come in a everything with 10 units, but there is no need to take the tube to your travels. Separate the amount that you think you may need and so that it does not get dirty or wet, wrap in a paper or foil, so it can be transported each unit without affecting your damage “integrity”.

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Technical Data

Origin: Imported product
Average value: R$19,00
Weight: 3 g each/38 g tube with 10 units.
Tube: 10 cm/height 2.5 cm diameter
Color: White
Towel Material: Cellulose fiber + Viscose (biodegradable)
Tube Material: Plastic

This product was provided by Mark Cheetah, but is not a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies on Reviews.