Retro Wall Clock-Do It Yourself

Continuing our series on Xingling findings, today has a project to reuse a Chinese Greek gift that everyone who one day tried to make a new House has won: wall clock.

It is a fact: If you don’t have, it’s only a matter of time until someone with one of these for you and after the scare with the pet’s design, he will end up in a mess room. Now, if you haven’t been graced with the saying which, can go into any store xingling that will find a good bargain.

As everyone knows, the kitchen back home wants to be retro, but like everything in this style appliance has a price worthy of royalty, I end up investing more on objects in the decoration to give this visual. And it was one of those who raised this clock. Look at:


To have one of these to call your you will need:

A round wall clock

White Glue

Black Spray Paint

1 print on width of the clock


Step by step:

1-remove the screws from the back of the clock;

2-Remove the frame and black spray paint (2 coats to stay thin);

3-Remove the plastic/glass from the front;

4-move the hands on the clock. Just pull, but take care not to crush them;

5-print your Clipping in round shape in order to fit the watch. This will be the new Fund;

6-drill a hole exactly in the Middle, where pass the base of pointers;

7-glue the print on the bottom of the clock;

8-reassemble the glass and the frame;

9-place the screws back (check out if not left any part, lol) and it’s done.

-If you want to give an incremented, paint also the hands on the clock

– Once again, careful time to get pointers to not spoil anything.

-Can be a good Christmas present huh, huh, huh!?

Of course I won’t let you turn around the impression. If you like this one, clickHERE and download the your. Is a sheet a3 with the image with 28 cm in diameter, which is the measure of my watch. Your case is larger or smaller, piece on the graphics to adjust for the correct size at the time of printing ok?Print in ink paper to stay with a finish like that that we like!