Researchers: Chinese Smartphone Provider Advance Further

Most devices sold still in the Smartphone business Samsung and Apple deserves the best. However, behind a front of Chinese Tracker is built up, have identified currently market researchers.

Smartphone provider from China are in worldwide competition on the way up. In a fresh ranking of the top fill after Samsung and Apple 5 the rest.

A particularly clear jump succeeded Huawei with a 48 percent to just under 30 million sold units, as the market research firm IDC reported Thursday. That resulted in a market share of 8.9 percent.

The leader loses

Samsung sold as most smartphones, however had to ruffle feathers. In the last quarter the company deposed 73.2 million units according to IDC calculation, 2.3 percent of less than a year earlier. The market share fell accordingly by almost a quarter on 21.7 percent. Samsung is taken from two directions into the Collet. Chinese vendor make to create the leader from South Korea especially in cheap devices, Apple is successful with his iPhone 6 with expensive smartphones.

In the last quarter, Apple held second place in the IDC ranking list with a market share of 14.1 percent. The US Group secures a large part of the profits in the industry, because he kept out the competition with cheap models. At the same time including the demand in China caused an increase of 35 percent. The entire smartphone market grew according to IDC by 11.6 percent to 337.2 million sold units.

The Chinese Smartphone high-flyer Xiaomi is in the IDC ranking number four of the industry with a 5.3 percent market share. Xiaomi therefore put a sales jump of 29 percent. Lenovo follows along with the Motorola bought this US brand with a share of 4.8 percent. (dpa) / (mho)