Repeated Use of Plastic Water Bottles

Some of you are surely among people who do not throw bottles of mineral water and fill them again and again … and again. You think you are doing good for the environment and for their financial situation, but did not think about how it affects your body. Here is some useful information.

On the one hand, those who often blindly trust item. Pomegranate. Scientists tell us that repeated use of disposable bottles many microbes that hem remain on the court, yet penetrate into the liquid. When we talk about quite unpleasant creatures that are transferred through our hands and mouth on the bottle. So, if you are from people who do not regularly wash bottles that use more than once. Not to mention just rinse and serious scrub and soapy water. And then need to dry the court good. So you can ensure your drink without bad microorganisms at least for a while.

On the other hand, part of the “smart people” around the world are screaming for something else. According to them, over time the plastic from which it is made bottle release harmful substances. Student at the University of Idaho creates serious noise when in my thesis presents research which shows that the substances are not just harmful, but right have carcinogenic. And then things go wrong completely.

Some people say that the reuse of plastic bottles actually expire harmful compounds, a process which is supported by the aforementioned washing dishes. The high temperature also helped. Some more extreme people (such always) even argue that even a single use bottles is harmful.

Plastic Water Bottles

From management on sanitary quality control of foodstuffs and medicines USA (FDA) is trying to calm the people. Yes, the chemical elements are released into the liquid, but they are not as harmful, but their quantities are minimal.

Because we feel that only confuse you with this valuable information, here’s what we advise:

  • If you use a bottle for a long time to carry a water heat knocks on the door, look to such reusable from premium site, like water bottles shop.
  • Glass are also an option;
  • Yet both have to be washed and dried, microbes are not a joke;
  • If you use plastic, wash them and replace them more often;
  • if you just want to do good for the environment – recycle and look.