Remote Controlled LED Light Bulbs

Remote-controlled LED light bulbs are no longer a novelty, now there are some manufacturers who want to bring their lighting systems to the customer. The best known (and the longest time) certainly expected the Hue-system from Philips to be, but there are now a number of manufacturers, which are also jumped on the train.So also the lamps specialist Osram, the already several months with its Lightify system now available in the market and offers various “smart” light sources. I have the system can now try again and was the starter consisting of gateway and LED bulb and LED strip called Flex closer look. Let’s get so times a little light into the darkness.

Remote Controlled LED Light Bulbs

The First Steps

Before the Lightify system can be put into operation, must not be done much. First you have to get to load the Lightify app on your smartphone, the iOS ( link ) and Android ( link ) is to have. In the first step you need to the serial number of about 6 x 6 x 4.5 centimeters (or small) box, Lightify Gateway gennant, enter in the app – fortunately can be and also just a QR code take a picture, which is on the back of the gateway is located. The next step is to set up a user account, which unfortunately is a mandatory requirement. I find something bad, even if it is over here is possible to control the connected lamps also on the move – a WiFi-only solution would certainly be a good alternative, but anyway.

Plenty of Choice Available

The Lightify system has a fairly wide range of light sources and additional equipment. I had to test the “simple” LED Light Bulb (see with RGB color choice and a RGB LED Strip with 2 meters in length. What can I say? Jau, shine. The RGB light bulb puts 10 watts or 810 lumens (ie roughly comparable to a 60 watt bulb) with itself – as common residential lighting in my opinion more than enough, most likely the light certainly dim something, you do not want to always have floodlighting.

The RGB Strip has 18 watts and thus comes to 839 lumens-this is more than adequate, especially since the strips are generally used as passive lighting. Little criticism of the Strip: With 12 millimeters is quite wide, at least compared with simple strips that are about half as wide otherwise. Major criticism of the Strip: it can be cut though, but there is no connector, which can be used together or combine Strips easy again – this would have the solder pads, which is certainly not to everyone’s liking.

Times the previously available lamps listed Notice here though, that not all of the available lamps have a RGB function: marked with RGB lamps (LED lamp, Strip, reflector and Garden Spot) come with color changing, therefore, all the others are only in warm white to daylight (2,000 / 2,700 -6,500 K) have-with two exceptions, produce only warm white light with 2700K. So it is for each light desire something.