Reasons Why You Should Exercise

A healthy mind in a healthy body. This must be the starting point to convince you to do sports. Those who are against the sport, will be able to rely on the argument that fractures or overuse injuries. Even more practice generally more advantages than disadvantages. So it will reduce the risk of heart disease. If you do a lot of sports, you get more energy and charge the batteries. It also makes your mind stronger and the sport has a positive effect on your sex life. Who minimum twice a week sport will quickly notice the positive effects on the body and mind. Obvious sports is aerobic exercise such as walking, running, cycling or swimming.

Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Reduce the risk of heart disease

People who move around a lot, will have a lower risk of developing heart disease. Sports actually has a effect on the different causes of heart disease. When exercising you will lower your blood pressure naturally. You can also work to ensure that you will not clog arteries. Who many sports, including cycling (see will automatically also other risks? s such as diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, will exclude. Sometimes practicing or moving a lot so it reduces the risk of heart disease.

More exercise load battery backup

In sport, you will soon find that you have more energy. However, you don’t have many sports before. At least twice a week is enough to increase your power capacity. The reason is actually a scientific fact.Who is going to work out, will automatically increase the metabolism. At the same time, the body also produce more dopamine. And now we’ll just dopamine, the subject that you will feel less tired.

Sport provides a better sex life

Sport gives you more energy, feel better about yourself and of course, slim body a boost of confidence.Who feels good in his skin and is suitable, will naturally have more appetite for sex. Sport also contributes to healthy intimacy between you and your partner. Women who exercise regularly, would automatically get more intimacy as they will get more excited. Men’s sports will have an effect on the physical readiness in bed. Problems with erection, outside medical problems be resolved through sport and recreation.

Sport as an anti-stressmedel

Sports after a stressful day can all tension and stress as you press by sport, then, is the perfect way to let off steam. In the coming sports body substances are released, you will be very relaxed. Exercise is also a good remedy for preventing depression. With active training in nature, you have no chance to go defeatism which significantly reduces the risk of depression.

The best diet is a sporting activity

Many people who want to lose weight will think of the sport. And it’s obviously a good idea. Sport will really keep your weight under control go. An active sports person actually consuming more calories than a sedentary person. These sports will develop more muscles. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so it is logical that you will lose weight. In addition, you get a tight body on top. This is obviously a bonus and it makes you even more meaningful, in the sport. If you are just a lot of sports, you will during the holidays also what more can consume. To train the extra pounds off there though. So no fear of the wave.

Sports to train your memory

Sports and regular exercise has a positive effect on your memory. The cause of a better memory, you should look for before in a scientific explanation. Sports or business actually improves blood circulation in the body. Your brain will also be improved as a result of the blood, which in turn produced in the brain will stimulate the production of blood vessels and brain cells. It’s just the front part of the brain structure that is responsible for a strong memory.

Solid development of bones and muscles

Sport has a beneficial effect on the development of your bones and muscles. It will make your muscles stronger, so your results will be better. In addition, your weight will remain under control, making the joints must bear a lot less weight. Even your cartilage and bone is still very healthy.Osteoporosis is a very unpleasant disease and can be remedied by moving your muscles to work out regularly. The movement thus has many positive effects on your muscles and bones. In addition, it should also be said that the exercise at high intensity could also have disadvantages. Overload and fractures are common in professional athletes. This part of life. In General, one can safely say that regular exercise already has more advantages than disadvantages.

A smoother transition to menopause for women

Regular sports practice is a plus for women during the transition to menopause. The nasty diseases such as hot flashes, sweating, or a bad mood can be observed less light if you exercise regularly. During menopause decreases muscle production and in addition, will be harder to keep body weight under control. Exercise can help, of course, also true.