Put on Your Bikini at Le Lingerie

Summer is almost there and it’s time to put together your favorite sets. At Le Lingerie, in addition to the classic bikini models, there are still modern styles and are considered major trends. And you, you know what they are? Next, see the TOP eight pieces that have everything and versions that never go out of style.

The Dream Bikini

Hot Pants

Back in the right measure, the Hot Pants pant is the perfect fit for a woman who wants a stylish and delicate piece. This option, besides valuing the body, still hides the fat that are left over. It is worth investing in the versions with bold fabrics or colored prints.


The cropped top arrived as a garment and also dominated the beach fashion. Extremely versatile and easy to match, this style lets you stay comfortable for fun, running and jumping. Another suggestion is to choose this model at nightly pool parties. The tan will not be compromised!


The basics that everyone loves! The bikini panties, ties, tie, whole and with ruffles. What matters is choosing the model that most matches your style and silhouette. Just below, you can check out two versions that are unanimous among women: the classic version of lashes and the style “lifts butt.” We love!


Le Lingerie has a stock full of different models of tops. It will take them to fall – for those who do not like the marquinhas on the shoulders – the curtain model – one of the classics of the beach fashion – and several other options that can be combined with prints, fabrics or exits of beach. You choose!

Did You Like The Bikini Models?

So, did you fall in love with the bikini models at Le Lingerie? To make your purchases, simply choose the preferred styles, keep an eye on the size and put in the shopping bag. To ensure all security, our site undergoes checks that ensure risk-free purchases. Ah! It gives to parcel in 12x in the card. Comes!