Prom Dresses for 2016: Photos, Models, Looks

The graduation is an important moment of achievement and personal and professional fulfillment, where years of effort are rewarded on a particular night. Most of the time, graduation also includes a party that is often a gala. So, being invited or trainee, the concern with the visual for graduation is very present mainly among women. If in addition to being beautiful you want to be fashionable know the main trends of prom dresses 2016.

Graduation Dresses 2016

The prom dresses follow trends related to party dresses in general, as the parades of international brands, but also have to do with the event itself. So, know the main trends for 2016 prom dresses that will make success at parties.

The tulle is still present in every party dresses and will not be different for prom dresses 2016. Tulle appear both at the neckline or back, for example, to give the feeling of transparency, such as skirts, replacing materials such as organizing and taffeta.


Feeling among the famous, especially the singer Jennifer Lopez, lining nude is the bet for those who want to create a bold and sensual look far.

In this type of dress, the lining has a tone close to skin color and, above, the dress has lace, crystal applications or strategic cutouts to give the impression that is the skin and not the lining showing.


Transparency is also another device to achieve a hotter visual and can be used both side dress, for example, as part of the skirt, with the the liner being reduced.


The embroidered with crystals, fabric and various applications, as even feathers, are very present in 2016 prom dresses and will be responsible for giving the final touch and detail to the piece.


The style of the creations of designer Elie Saab, the prom dresses 2016 will enter the wave texture and 3D applications in tissue, such as shapes of tiny, delicate flowers or butterflies, for example.


The ruffles are not only present in women’s fashion in general, but will also feature in prom dresses 2016 in many different sizes, fabrics and quantities.

The main ruffles that will make the dresses will be asymmetric and made in a random pattern, bringing volume and modernity to the piece.


Long and gala dresses need not be fully covered and the trend of strategic cuts will be even more present. So it will not be hard to find among the prom dresses 2016 indentations on the sides of the dresses or even between her breasts.

Using strategic cutouts, in turn, it is a way to get to a sensuality to the part without giving up a more sober style, for example.


Never cracks were so present and so high and will not be different between prom dresses 2016. From the simplest to the biggest and boldest, the cracks will be in a unique way graduations or in pairs, one for each side of the dress .


Another trend for the graduation dresses is the use of at least two colors in the same model. This does not mean, however, that the dress will be divided in half and painted differently, but there will be other elements in different colors of the main tone.

Thus, it will be possible to find black dresses with gold fittings or red dresses with silver applications, for example.


Who is already in love with a more vintage model and drawing attention may choose the 2016 prom dresses completely covered with beads fringes, bringing movement and shine to the look.


The mermaid style is a favorite among famous and anonymous for all gala events and will not be different with prom dresses 2016. Although no new trend, dresses in mermaid model will still bepresent at parties in many different tissues.


It may seem hard to believe, but the cropped will be present in prom dresses for those who have not afraid to dare.

The 2016 collection of American brand prom dresses Sheri Hill, in turn, goes further and brings dressed in the skirt and the top cropped have different materials and colors, creating a totally unexpected look.


For the guests who will choose the short dresses will continue between prom dresses 2016, with an option for those who do not want or can not use a long dress and helping to differentiate the party trainees.

Thus, prom dresses 2016 will bring different details, styles and trends, including talking to many of the trends for the 2016 women’s fashion everyday.