Product Review: Nokia 3120-Part 2

Features, camera, etc., and a conclusion
Menu and Features: The Nokia 3120 classic is of course not a smartphone, but Nokia has created a truly sound basis with the software “Series 40” to use non-smart phones. Programs can be installed with Java on the Nokia. Of course, they do not have the functionality of real programs, but they offer quite a lot. For example, Such as Google Maps, which can be accessed and installed in the mobile browser at It is also recommended to surf the Browser Opera Mini, it is preinstalled.


Even from home, the Nokia 3210 classic is quite well equipped. Telephone book and organizer, which can be synonymous with Outlook, a to-do list, a stopwatch and various games are there. Current appointments and shortcuts can be called up to frequently used functions in a so called “Active Standby” directly from the mobile phone’s screen. This makes the operation particularly easy. There are of course also different profiles available, so that there is always the possibility to mute the mobile phone at the touch of a button or sometimes even into the aircraft mode, whereby all wireless connections including Bluetooth are terminated. The operation is simple, as you are accustomed to by Nokia. However, if you switch from another mobile phone to Nokia, there may be misunderstandings from time to time.

The camera has two megapixels (1,600 x 1,200 pixels) and has no autofocus. After shooting, it takes one to three seconds for the photo to be in the box. For spontaneous snapshots, she is a bit too slow. In order to photograph a whiteboard and record ideas, the camera is quite suitable. A stored image occupies up to 500 KB. Photos unfortunately succeed only in good light, because although the Nokia 3120 classic has a photo LED, a xenon flash is rare to replace.

The video mode is considerable for such Basichandy, it can be made video clips in VGA quality (640×480 pixels). Of course, with the small lens is not to be expected with any master result. After the video cameras of previous Nokia handys of this price class have satisfied with rather small resolutions as 320 x 240 pixels, this quality is however already a surprise and shows the progress.

Battery and voice quality
With quad-band GSM and UMTS, the mobile phone is almost worldwide on reception. Even in the US one can start with the additional frequency of 850 MHz, because the 1900 frequency alone does not provide an absolutely sufficient network coverage. The voice quality is exemplary, but does not reach my absolute reference, the soulful Nokia 6310i. Even with my favorite reception test in the cellar I could really make a long phone call before the connection demolished. My personal usage time is 3-4 days in normal use. If I use the Internet more frequently, I arrive at about 3 days. The call times are absolutely sufficient, Nokia itself gives the stand-by time with up to 300 hours, the talk time with approximately 3.3 hours.

The Nokia offers both radio and MP3 player. It is recommended to buy a larger micro SD card, in my Nokia ran an 8 GB card without problems. The MP3 management of the player is sufficiently good, there is the possibility to create playlists or the properly tagged MP3s according to, for example, Album or artist. The radio is sufficiently sensitive and can store up to 20 seats automatically. The music playback with the included headset is good and noisy.Unfortunately, no stereo headset has been stuck in the sales pack.

Micro USB and Bluetooth, so almost everything is covered, which can be achieved with a “normal” mobile phone. If you connect the Nokia to a PC via USB, you also have the possibility to describe the memory in the removable carrier mode. Handy, just to put some MP3s on the mobile phone.

A small and light phone, which can really what and can be noticed by the pleasant handling: There is rarely. Unfortunately, the Nokia 3120 classic is no longer everywhere, but who is an inconspicuous and good mobile phone, that the nokiatypically simple operation has, should be