Procam 2: Ios-Camera App for A Short Time to Have Free

Clear and yet rich in features: only on May 15, there is the app of the day ProCam 2 free on iTunes or the app store by Apple. With the camera app, your recordings are a bit professional – unless you need special expertise.

Although running ProCam 2 even under older versions of iOS – to the benefit of the full range of functions, should be on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch but at least iOS 7 be installed. Only then run functions like the slow motion video mode or the nearly 20 Live Photo Filter correctly on your device, as Redmond pie pointed out.

Enhance Photos and Videos

If you want to take photos, ProCam offers you 2 classic features such as continuous shooting or a self timer – but also an automatic trigger that responds to certain sounds or faces. Focus and exposure can be as well adjusted as the level of compression for the JPG format. In addition, you can tag your photos after recording with a personal mark; Time, date, place of recording and copyright can appear on the image as necessary.

For videotaping her for example the frame rate may set and in the slow-motion mode from four different playback speeds. The image stabilizer is particularly practical: would you record a short clip from the set out, for example, at a concert, he helps you avoid blurry. Overall, ProCam 2 is a successful All-In-one solution, you should try out in any case.