Preventing Dog Bites

The lack of socialization, exercise, and health problems are some of the factors that influence that a dog bite someone. Millions of people are bitten by dogs each year and the children are the most common victims. Any dog can bite, but with the necessary education, human and canine side, these accidents can be avoided.

Beware of strange dogs
You and your family, especially children, should refrain from petting a strange dog, especially if they are behind a fence, tethered or restricted in some way. If you come across a dog while you go ride it may seem very nice from a distance, but you do not know their behavior and history. If you opt to caress it and the dog not feel excited, shy or nervous, ask for permission to the owner and ask if it is a friendly dog. If you caress a strange dog at least you do not near your face to yours. Allows that you smell your hand and move near only.

The owner’s consent is also required if you walk with your dog and wants to play with another.

Bites to children
A child and a dog should always be in the presence of an adult. According to petwithsupplies, you as an adult you must teach your child and your dog what is allowed and what not. A dog should not be if it is sleeping or disturbing if you are eating or playing. Either you must corner, pull strap or steal food or toys. It doesn’t matter if the dog is a defenseless puppy, do not tolerate that his teeth touch the child. Interfere if this happens.

So that your dog does not bite anyone
You can not avoid other dogs bite, but yes you can help yours. The owner is sometimes surprised when the dog bites someone, but if you socializas it, teaching it, and takes into account certain key points, it is unlikely to do so.

• Choose the dog right for you. Your family, if you have other pets in the home, and your lifestyle are crucial when choosing a dog, as well as understand the needs of each race. Get the fundamental questions when you go to the shelter or kennel.

• Take it to the vet. Your dog needs to have the necessary vaccinations and receive routine checkups.

• Sterilize it. Sterilized dogs have better quality of life and are less aggressive. To sterilize your dog also helps that there are fewer dogs on the streets, in shelters and abandoned.

• Exercising it. Help fight the boredom, frustration and stress.

If you suspect it will bite you a dog
Even though you may feel fear, does not display it. Do not you run away or run or the dog will be behind you. Stay still, do not look it or give it back. It slowly recedes when it is no longer pending it. If you fall, roll like a ball, and cover your head, especially the face and neck.

If you are bitten by a dog
Wash the wound with SOAP and water and ask a physician to examine it you. Have the owner information at hand. The must be aware of what happened and to take take the necessary measures so that this type of incident does not happen again. Also ask you to be responsible for any medical expenses. Each location has a specific Protocol on animal bites. Contact local authorities with all the information you have.