Practical Fishing Tips for Winter

The time spent feeding carp is short and wait for a bite is long. If you combine this with the winter weather conditions, we can ensure that the sessions are often harsh. Add the fact that it gets dark early so you should think about how to make your stay on the shore as pleasant as possible. Therefore, you must be very careful, otherwise you must leave early the session with the body completely numb. For this we give some practical tips that will help in the cold winter days:

A double layer in the bivvy is certainly not a luxury, holds heat better and also prevents condensation in the This “winter skin” keeps dry store, which is very important during the cold months.


  • Ears and neck is where your body loses more heat to be as hot as possible is advisable to wear a hat and scarf.
  • Drinking coffee or hot chocolate will certainly keep you warm.
  • Be sure to stand out of the path of the wind.
  • A bottle is definitely a good winter tip!
  • I like to use a Coleman gas lamp in combination with an umbrella during the winter.It gets dark early this time of year but you do not have to lie at five in the afternoon to the sleeping bag. In addition, this lamp will not only give a bright light, but also generates a lot of heat. This lamp is like an oven, especially when the wind cut with umbrella, heat will last much longer, and is much more comfortable for you.

Who does not want an appointment with a tent this winter?
One thing is certain, the carperos really not afraid of the harsh winter conditions. These fishermen know that the capture of a tent in the coldest winter brings a unique feeling that will make you forget the cold weather soon around. I hope this article has given you enough inspiration to go fishing. Perhaps catching a nice specimen before expected!