Pique Fishing

In the Uruguay River, seized almost 1,400 meters networks abandoned by poachers

Log in and find out how is the pique on the most important points of the country.



  • Rio de la Plata.Punta Lara (by Emir Richardi): with cold already installed and typical of this winter season, fishermen have had to endure some early morning heladitas that were felt in this area of Ensenada. Silverside fishing in various fisheries of this region has had a very uneven development. In the spring take the Naval Base fishing is still generating afloat in the high and higher volume of water columns, where they saw the species eating between 20 to 30 centimeters from the surface of the water. No amount was extracted, but rather quality as postage appeared that many were looking for , with medium and some large pieces. Best fishing in growing and both the tipping line and moving mandale have had a similar behavior. A background have managed to extract some pieces of Midianites girls in the closest to the shore columns. Little presence of varied skin. In the spring the University Club already been able to accomplish a few important pieces in background mode and in the nose, playing with crappie always accompanied by a filet. See how to prepare a fishing line on Gradphysics. Afloat beautiful pieces from medium to girls, especially when the sun heats up a little and much better when the tide is in bajante were obtained. Varied little presence of the skin with a few catfish. In the Club River Plate on fishing for mackerel she has had in these last hours an important product of the great fall cold. Only with sunset they have been able to draw line moving with some small pieces incarnating with paunchy or filet. A background with Barranquin line, kingfish were caught better quality, medium protruding parts. As bait, live or salted bream. Fishing in the drawer, very little fishing activity in search of the tent.Atalaya: Julio Pascual from this town informs us that the boat fishing for kingfish is excellent, except on days of strong winds when complicated. Berisso: is prepared with very good fishing for festival this weekend. Pejerreyes out excellent transportation and are already present the great Berisso. Pejerrey Club de Quilmes: background, fishing for kingfish; out different sizes.


  • Guazú(www.semanariopescador.com.ar). This weekend improved water conditions and shipped, working a bit and sharpening the wits, were achieved some 20 to 30 per boat catch kingfish. From the docks are a few days of good rallies, when you can achieve a score of silverside by cane afloat, but is highly variable and unstable. As for the varied, this week sprints and catch catfish, patíes and some rowers were given. Botija island have few catches registration pejerreyes but very good care of transportation; many sardines piques about 20 centimeters mix. Pasaje Talavera: this week broke all the rules of fishing with respect to the season in which we are: believe it or not, came bogas up to two kilos eight hundred grams and the funny thing was catching catfish sea up to three kilos incarnating with fresh sardines caught in the moment … And not one, but nine copies. Isla La Paloma: with responses from almost glued to the reeds, leading with boats and as quietly as possible pejerreyes. Gutiérrez river: the mouth of Gutierrez and Bravo on Saturday appeared a school of silversides the cigarette type, any little older, and another of sardines about 20 centimeters. The water is clear and the baits work perfect. Parana Bravo: Saturday toured several places in search of silversides trying to pass them as close as possible to the reed beds because river outside the wind produced a storm surge more than important.The results were good, with hard work and because wind sprints and occasional catches were given. Like we get twenty very mixed freight, between 25 and 40 centimeters. Paraná de las Palmas (Zárate – Campana) were given good catches of mackerel by the tummy Burra, Juncal Tagsa and Vuelta del Este, averaging a dozen per boat.


  • La Paz(by Victor Flores). Last week was similar to the previous one . Doradillos keep coming and middle guys, and some measure. The surubíes begin to withdraw from the cold and are more difficult, so it is natural for the time. It increased quite varied, especially yellow catfish and vogue. He fished in all modes.
  • Rosario(by Lucas Santangelo). The variety is firm. While waiting for the first silversides, we continue fishing well tarariras, who incredibly still active despite the cold. The first gold, which are already appearing in the sticks, and certainly this weekend go by them were also given. We are in transition, with climate change: some species leave, others arrive and some are passing. It’s just a matter of taste and leave to look.


  • Ibicuy(by Marcelo Albanello). This week silverside fishing improves daily. They are charging between 10 and 15 pejes by cane, medium and passing some 35 centimeters, always with fresh crappie not be very large. Cold this week added to the frosts are decanting and cleaning the river water and that helps. Always flúo buoys to better see the pique, which is very subtle: we must be attentive to the lines.
  • Villa Paranacito.Good fishing disparate days, depending on the winds it is maintained. Anyway it is an area that always gives satisfaction, with different pejerreyes transportation and some that can exceed 45 centimeters.


  • Cuenca del Salado.From the fishing Don Eduardo inform us that the work being done to repair the bridge does not impede access because the income is in good condition. A background out patíes, medium carp and catfish. For carp using mass of any kind and the rest were the most rendidora bait worms. With calm wind there silverside small, medium and some more than 40 centimeters. You have to use three small buoy line and bait, sea bass and filet of toothy lowered. Always use good light elements with hooks 4 or 5. It is recommended to search the water stops and backwaters passing high voltage cables. The river is in clear downspout.





  • San Cayetano.Very good pejerreyes between 500 and 600 grams. It is necessary to go with electric motor and get to the bottom of the mirror to find fishing. There are copies up to kilo.
  • The Pandorga.It is a difficult lagoon, but working very good specimens of up to50 centimeters and a kilo are achieved. Let’s search.


  • With cold fishing was very good. Out copies on average about 30 centimeters and some very good size.


  • From coast very good fishing occurs. Also on board the pique is interesting, freight exceeding 30 centimeters.


  • From coast and floating can be achieved entertaining cortitos fishing silverside, but very energetic and fat. To recommend.


  • . The Segovialowered the amount of catches compared to the previous week, but improved sizes: carriage of between 600 and 800 grams are given.


  • The Brisola.It is very silverside, between 300 and 400 grams, floating and very active. These days only complicates the intense cold.


  • Puan Salada. It is getting a lot of water and is taking an optimal level. It also has a lot of crappie, which surely activated shortly silversides.
  • Darragueira Salada. He recovers and is raising their level. We hope to have those big kingfish previous years again.
  • Leather Zorro.These days Lauquen Dam area had temperatures up to 10 degrees below zero. In the early hours of the morning fishing it is very good.Paternoster and about two meters deep pique given. When the sun rises and the temperature warms float also very good at the pique of silversides between 30 and 35 centimeters, with some larger.


  • Hinojo Grande.From fishing Loma Alta and The Twins perfectly out to make good boat fishing mackerel between 30 and 35 centimeters, with some larger.Adrift, anchored try paternóster. It also gives coastline
  • Hinojo Chico.You can fish in the same manner as in Hinojo Grande coast but should test thoroughly. Also it is fishing in the canal that connects both lakes, although the water runs much.


  • La Gaviota.This new mirror Lauquen Dam is actually a lagoon overflow Las Tunas. Pejerreyes has between 25 and 30 centimeters that can be fished from shore and afloat.


  • Located in the San Cayetano, has very good and entertaining fishing from shore. Pejerreyes measurement are given.
  • The Albardón.There is fishing for kingfish measuring and medium long but entertaining guy. Also they leave some larger.


  • Danish Loma.Another area of San Cayetano. A little more affected by the cold, it gives skinny and long pejerreyes. On the day out about twenty on average.


  • The pique is very good, improved with cold. Open daily except Tuesdays, you can fish from shore and has a depth of two meters. There proveeduría and crappie, but no boats
  • In the lagoon of General San Martin Park to look for and move, but with crappie and afloat smelts are achieved up to 28 and 30 centimeters.


  • . The islandis a lagoon girl belonging to a private field and has services; open only on Saturdays and Sundays. Salen few but excellent sizes.
  • Laguna de los Padres.Pejerreyes afloat are obtained. Gareteando and seeking copies of up to 300 grams are given and some larger. The weekend was very windy and complicated.


  • It is very good fishing of mackerel, which average 25 to 30 centimeters.The brazolazas should be about 40 centimeters, or filet crappie bait. Windy improves pique.
  • Gómez.From Junin, our friend Adrian Osso informs us that the good fish have to look far. As is acardumado, you have to work and move to achieve a successful day. Anyway the lagoon is well populated and pique occurs throughout the lagoon.Silversides coming out is 28 to 30 centimeters.
  • Salada Chillar.Good fishing. With the cold this fishing was activated. 20 pejerreyes between 28 and 25 centimeters in depth are achieved.
  • Sauce Grande.Very good fishing in the lagoon. Embarked on the reeds and starts, they take the bait well. The bearings are up to 40 centimeters. To recommend.
  • Laguna de Monte.Complicated pique. The silverside is remiss and must change baits to activate the silverside. We recommend you try shrimp or paunchy.
  • Las Perdices.It is under the same conditions as above with respect to pique.Those who leave have an average of between 30 and 35 centimeters. The lagoon is very low in the level of water, which complicates for boarding.
  • . Chis Chisstill good but not pike silverside during the first hours; activity begins after nine or ten o’clock. Salen sizes between 28 and 32 centimeters. It is to be found below, between 40 and 50 centimeters; then be uploaded snoods.


  • Similar conditions than the last. It is only add that the best results are with the anchored boat.


  • The same characteristics of the above are repeated.
  • Salada Monastery.Well, as the above. Exits 30 pesos entrance. Much boy silverside, the best among the reeds.
  • He lowered much and suddenly the temperature so that fishing was only a little and not have to leave early. Anyway still good. As for fishing pejerrey you have to work a little; among the reeds are the best sizes.


  • El Burro.Another area Chascomús, with silversides as fishing and entertaining.
  • Chascomús.It is crowded, but there are many guys pejerreyes. It is to go and have a good time fishing, but with many pieces to return.