Pillow for Different Sleeping Positions

The Sleeping Position Decides on The Pillow

Everyone sleeps differently, has its own habits and his favorite position. One sleeper can sleep only on the side. Other people prefer the supine or prone position. And a third group has to push the pillow close to her to find to sleep. The ideal type of pillow that covers all these different needs, does not exist.

There exists in this case, no right or wrong. These pillows consultancy therefore not be understood as a sofa education. Fortunately, the trade keeps nowadays for each bedroom types ready ergonomically suitable solution. But before you make a choice, you must first analyze your own sleeping habits. For what type sleeper are you?

Pillows for Side Sleepers

The majority of people is one of the group of side sleepers. Nearly 60% of the sleepers spend the night in a lateral position. When they reach the deep sleep phase, the side sleepers also frequently turn to the supine position.

Because side sleepers want as soft asleep, they commit often the mistake to get for a long body pillow. This type of pillow is however unsuitable for the head position of the side sleeper.Because ideally form shoulders and cervical spine at a right angle. This will only work as long as the hollow between neck and shoulders filled with a pillow and the cervical spine is supported thereby. Pillows and spine then form a unit.

The manufacturer Sissel neck support pillow with its raised ridge are an example of an ergonomically perfect shaped side sleeper pillow. Special pillows for side sleepers also carry brands Dunlopillo, Billerbeck or Tempur on offer.

Pillow for Back Sleepers

The back sleepers are the second largest group of sleeping types. A back sleeper differs in one important respect from the side sleepers, which also ends up now and then in this position. He stays during almost the entire night in this position and wakes in the morning on his back on.This sleeper type thus moves little in her sleep.

Nevertheless, is also recommended for back sleepers a neck support pillow. In his case, however, the cushion must fill the gap between the shoulders and back of the head. Therefore, make different demands on the shape of the cervical pillow. The neck ridge of the pillow is significantly lower than in a special pillow for side sleepers.

It is advantageous if the adjust height of the pillow to your needs can. Some models are equipped with foam inserts that can be removed. This allows you to set the optimum for your body height. You can find those pillows for back sleepers with the manufacturers Billerbeck, Dunlopillo, Sissel and Tempur.

The Right Pillow for Tummy Sleepers

The belly sleepers are only 15% of all sleepers. However, your sleeping position are quite different on the pillow, as is the case for back and side sleepers. Since stomach sleepers like back sleepers rarely change their position and roll at most times on the Epillowcases, you need a flat pillow. Because if the head in this position is at an increased neck support pillow, automatically bends the cervical spine backwards. The result is an overextension of the cervical muscles, with the already mentioned the pillows advice mentioned painful side effects.

If you are Bauschläfer, you should instead pillows from natural hair or down access. If the inner cover of the pad has a zipper, you can see parts of the filling material in appropriate circumstances. You should note that the neck can rest in an upright position as possible. A special stomach sleeper pillow as the model Ombracio manufacturer Tempur, thanks to its butterfly shape that you do not have to bend too much your head to breathe during sleep.