Physical Therapy Tips For Correct Use of the School Backpack

Heavy backpacks or with the handles too loose can cause pain and postural deviations, especially during the growth phase. It is recommended that the weight of the backpack is equal to or less than 10% of the weight of the child.

The attention of parents in relation to these factors and behaviour of children is essential to prevent future problems, such as scoliosis, a change to the column that may cause injury to the growth plate.

The damage caused by misuse of the backpacks can be noticed in his own anatomy. Uneven shoulder height, shoulder blades, too much distance between the asymmetric arms and protrusion on the back musculature or misalignment of the spine are signs that the backpack is affecting.

It is recommended to use backpack wheels, because tempers the weight. However, the handle must be at the right time, to avoid the inclination of the child, and the weight must not exceed the limit too. Ideally, according to physiotherapists, is the Division of the burden between a wheelie bag and another on the back.

For bags used in the back, the recommendations are:

-Leave the two handles of the same size and the base of the bag around the waist or just below. Loose straps make the base stay on the gluteus maximus, causing a posture leaning forward and overloading the column.

-Do not use it on one shoulder only, because it causes the child to tilt the body to the other side in order to compensate for the weight. In addition, there is an overload on the shoulder muscles, causing spasms, and the possibility of diversion in the column.

-Give preference to padded handles, as well as comfortable, distrubui the weight for a larger area of the shoulders.