Petzl Headlamp Reviews

In the darkness, the less lit areas, tours on – everywhere you will need a simple, small device that you simply attach to your head and you will have your hands free to work. Headlamp is one of the integral part of the equipment of all who are preparing for a hike in the night or early morning when there is no light. Čelovek are plentiful. You can find absolutely the most ordinary, but on the other hand, even the most sophisticated. Petzl headlamp belongs in the intermediate category. Cost is very reasonable and certainly everyone a lot of good serve. Headlights but besides tours use while at work. Even if you work in a well-lit room, will definitely be more comfortable and have better-lit place to which stares.

Petzl headlamp is durable and easy

Petzl headlamp is its design is really very simple. It consists of a rubber strap, which can attach around the head and the body itself headlamps, which is made ​​of hard plastic. The entire headlamp thanks to the head lamp buyer’s guide. Specifically, it weighs just 88 grams, not counting with batteries. Will not you therefore almost no pressure on the head and neck will thank you! In the medium category, but that kind of weight fairly standard. The rubber strap is also absolutely classic. Therefore you will not have to invent any special attachment. In one of the cable ties is also built in tiny whistle showing how the signals in Morse code SOS, which is very practical, such as when hikes at night and very important – safety is still always the first place! In addition, the entire headlamp is also waterproof, so can withstand even denser rain, or snow calamity.

Petzl headlamp has a power indicator

The tour lasts the whole night, the whole time you have a lighted headlamp still have a few kilometers and you are unsure whether your battery lasts Čelovce to last meters did not go completely dark. For this purpose an indicator of energy, which is specifically headlamp Petzl equipped. Energy indicator for Petzl headlamps works that fall when battery power below half illuminates red light, which can be found on the left of the main LEDs. At that moment you will know that while you still have less than 50% battery available, but you can already get a fix compensation to ultimately did not stay for example in  a dark forest without light. Čelovka offers performance of 80 lumens of which had never Inimitability light as per daytime, but it certainly helps.

How to handle Petzl headlamp?

Handling headlamp Petzl is really very simple and everyone can use it. Switching on and off so, well manage to reach rubberized button on the upper body. That is all! No more buttons, nothing complicated! In addition, you can switch between five modes, within the white and red lights. Regimes in white light located at the three headlamps and switch between them by pressing the button briefly. The first mode after power is called Maximum. Petzl headlamp will be in this mode the light much as a can, and for a maximum of eighty hours. If the button is pressed in quick succession twice in a row, switch to another mode, and it’s called Economic. In this mode, the lights will be considerably less, but the battery lasts twice more. Pressing the button quickly three times, he gets into the mode Fleshing Mode, which will be an intermittent flashing light. In this last mode white light headlamp light lasts up to 365 hours. Regimes in the red light are now only two. To get them to hold the button for two seconds. The first mode is the classic red light that will shine up to one hundred hours, the second mode will again blink intermittently and thus lasts up to 850 hours. How to switch between them? With just one press of a button! Again, nothing complicated, what you can not handle. The entire diode is placed in the center of the body headlamps and includes plastic cap, which lets you control the width of the light cone.