Permit of Menstruation? a Company Announces That Is What Will Give Your Employees

It is the first company in the United Kingdom that It has taken into account the physical and psychic state of their workers During her menses and has created a special permission exclusive for those days.

Coexist is a Bristol company with a large number of women in template and a concern for offer them the best conditions of work. And although menstruation is taboo in many working environments, they have not had any problems to recognize not only its existence but also the complications suffered by their employees during those days of the month.

“Bex Baster, Director of Coexist, explains it this way: as the staff manager had noticed how much women suffer during the period, even that some are folding pain”. The solution? Give to their employees flexible working so that they can take those days off. In this way create an atmosphere more happy and healthy in the office, which in the opinion of the directors contributes to a better environment.

According to a study conducted in the United Kingdom, up to 90% of women experience pain during menstruation, in the few cases it is moderate, but 2% is really high. And up to 14% confess that it is difficult to work because of pain.

But Coexist is not the only company that has noticed this fact or has taken into consideration in their employees. In the year 2007 Nike created a special permission so their employees could take a few days off during your period and he has to other companies with which it works signed a memorandum agreeing to these conditions.

It’s a controversial, No doubt. Leaving aside that menstruation is still something living in intimacy (or taboo,) as we’ve said before many considered these measures as sexist, which give you free time extra women while a fellow not, while others consider them necessary due to medical issues, and productivity.

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