Beads week: Interview with Yana Nesper

Yana Nesper retro Pearl jewellery brand appeals to noble and classic values and brings them back to the present. The kiss on the hand as a symbol reminiscent of chivalry, elegance, nonchalance – just the appreciation of the person, affection, love and the galante advertising to attract of a woman. In four attractive lines, Yana Nesper is – head and namesake of the brand – classically beautiful Pearl Jewelry for the day and the night before: Akoya premiums for that special occasion, freshwater Classics (white freshwater cultured pearl) for the day, urban nights (Tahitian pearls) for the extravagant evening and Indian summer (Pastel-colored Freshwater Pearl) for the light and romantic moments of life. Characteristic detection feature is a small blue Sapphire, which adorns every piece of jewelry. Yana Nesper told us in a short interview, what particularly fascinates her pearls.

Yana Nesper

Bridgat: How did you come to the bead?

Yana Nesper: I rose early 90s my husband Frank in 1970 by Heinz Nesper founded pearls import company in Pforzheim, Germany a. 40 years Pearl experience of the company of Heinz Nesper in combination with modern lifestyle philosophy brought me the idea to design my own collection of Pearl jewellery.

Bridgat: what fascinates you most about beads?

Yana Nesper: what I find especially nice on the bead, is that it combines the noble, elegant and the casual. It is one of the most precious jewels and is thus never overdressed. It fits always and on every occasion, to the evening gown as well as the jeans. Also fascinated by the origin of the Pearl. A gem that brought forth the nature. During the breeding process growth is stimulated, although man-made, but grows like a Pearl in the shell, nature decides alone.

Bridgat: you have a „ favorite Pearl “?

Yana Nesper: I have received my first bead from my husband. It was a single small Akoya pearl, which had a growth feature in the shape of a heart. It I had it a trailer, which I still have.

Bridgat: with the 4 different lines you speak to various types of women and also various celebrations, to which beads can be worn. Which collection suits you personally the most and what is your favorite piece of jewelry currently?

Yana Nesper: in four collections presented the brand the most beautiful pearls basics for different occasions and moods in all common sizes, ranging from Akoya and Tahitian pearls freshwater pearls in white and multi color. Each collection a feeling another more personal life.

Yana Nesper Pearl jewellery collection of Akoya premiums impresses collection pieces from very fine, not too large beads. The elegant pride works perfectly in the profession or for important occasions. The freshwater classics collection is a very fresh, young and modern collection for any occasion. Beautiful white freshwater pearls are combined with white gold. A highlight is the 100 cm long Pearl Necklace and a simple noble clamping ring and fine hook earrings or decorative hoop earrings with white gold. The collection urban nights by Yana Nesper is a very precious, extravagant evening collection for special occasions, which impresses with the mysterious black of Pearl. The Pearl collection is Indian summer with their popular pastel multi color beads very feminine and romantic. The show deliberately provided small asymmetries of colored beads. There are earrings and rings in flower form from pastel multi color beads in combination with individually set Brillants.

Is one of my personal favorite chain 100 cm long „ Opera “ chain with beads from 10 to 11 mm diameter from the collection „ freshwater classics “. Pearl Earrings, without which I almost never go out of the House are what I like also very like.

Bridgat: the Charitykollektion is different from the other lines through its informal character. What has you moved, to call the collection in life?

Yana Nesper: with regard to the collection, I wanted to connect the large precious South Sea Pearl with the modern materials of the finest nappa leather, also to this dialectic to express elegance and reliability and the Pearl to give a modern twist.

Children are the purest and most precious thing we have, South Sea pearls are the purest and most precious pearls. The Club „ image helps e.V. – ein Herz für Kinder “, which we support, is active in many different way here. He has done already for decades great help and know where the need is greatest. It is a pleasure for us, that we were able to have a larger sum for this purpose involved through the commitment of our jewelry stores and all the sales of wristbands available. We have just launched the South Seas pearls bracelets in new colors for the continuation of the action. The bracelets are available from 01 November in exclusive packaging for € 250,-also see

Bridgat: tell us the three upcoming colours?

Yana Nesper: the lifestyle idea behind our beads collections always the luxurious and elegant connects the casual sporty and this includes the maritime colors of dark blue, red and white fit wonderfully.

Bridgat: thank you very much for the interview.

Photos: Yana Nesper