Week of the beads: Gellner decorates men

Claudemir Jeronimo Barreto alias Cacau

Beads are not only an issue for women. Men succumb to the fascination emanating from the exotic beauties. Brave is of course to capture the domain of women, but especially the dark Tahitian pearls can be transformed into striking, masculine pieces of jewellery that rocking elegant come. Gellner combines it with black leather and silver in the Vintagelook –, allowing it to present by prominent personalities. This year’s is the football player Claudemir Jeronimo Barreto alias Cacau, who lends his image of man collection “Seleção by Cacau”.

Show powerful and confident the expressive jewelry pieces of the collection itself. The fine shimmering Tahitian pearls are held by a claw-shaped version. A mysterious aura and the idea of ancient legendary figures resonates in the creations. Modern meets myth, elegance is combined with a rock attitude. Gellner proves an attractive and compelling way that beads can be worn well by men and should.

Photos: Gellner