Performed The First Transplant of Uterus in USA, a Step Important to Solve Problems of Infertility (Update)

A woman in Texas (USA) has undergone successfully to the first transplant of uterus in your country, an experimental operation in hopes to get pregnant someday. It is an exciting first step to solve the problem of infertility for thousands of women. Attention: this news has been updated.

Called Lindsey, is 26 years old and was born without a uterus. And this February 24, became the first woman from her country to undergo a transplant. The operation was carried out at the Cleveland Clinic, It lasted nine hours and could become a reality thanks to the generosity of the family of a 30-year-old woman who died.

It is of an operation in phase of experimentation in your country and that you have intended to help all women who were born without it, as Lindsay have it damaged or lost it. And the terrible thing is that you between 3 and 5% of women are infertile because of this problem.

If this first transplant succeeds according to Dr. David K.Klassen, chief physician and head of the organ donation network, It could become a common operation. In fact, the Cleveland Clinic has received permission to perform other ten more uterus transplants and already reviewed more than 250 candidates. One is already on the waiting list.

Other two medical centers in the United States, the Center at Baylor University Medical in Dallas and Brigham and Women´s Hospital of Boston have announced that go to start programs like pilots.

Update: Unfortunately, the Cleveland Clinic reported that, while the operation was a success, it had to bring the uterus implanted to Lindsey. The rejection has produced just one day once the clinic gave a press conference explaining the success of the operation and they are still analyzing what is to what could go wrong, from face to improve this transplantation technique.

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