Pepe Jeans London

The ideas of Pepe Jeans London never end, and likewise the brand does not give up even for the summer to its successful collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, and the result is a beautiful collection of fashion accessories from the masculine cut and character that will appeal to lovers certainly a more aggressive style, to the limits of the biker. Moreover, the collaboration between the two brands has been going on for some time and has been gaining some success, so we are to analyze together the latest result of this successful union, a number of xxl accessories original and interesting.

In addition to the collaboration with Pepe Jeans London, Andy Warhol and his foundation have time to be active in a variety of jobs with different brands, and they are also so many personalities in the fashion industry who are interested in this possibility and that dedicate to the great artist work and attention of a different kind, as did Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion Keiser, along with his muse Vanessa Paradis.

the line of spring / summer 2011 accessories ingenuity born of Pepe Jeans London fashion designers and the Andy Warhol Foundation offers several articles: in the gallery you will find a beautiful wall in black and white, coordinated with a scarf, in a way, as I said, masculine and impact.

The collection t-shirts with typical prints that reflect the artistic production of Andy Warhol, and a purse strap, ideal for addressing adventures and everyday life with a pinch of art on him. You like?