Pearls:What to Do If She One of Them Fall

Every bit a blog reader question about fix pearls, whether it is recommended to use glue and what to do if one of them falls. I heard an expert of h. Stern, mark Munhon. Go to tips? He shared the pearls in three groups:

1-Pearl stuck side by side:
Mainly used in necklaces, this Pearl is hanging by a thread with a knot between them, to avoid that abrade each other and strip. The recommended is exchanging the wire, usually of cotton 2 years 2:00 pm, because the wire darkens and can also erode. There are cases of pearls pierced side by side in pending or earrings (pictured below) and, in this case, are traversed by a gold chain. It is difficult to release. But if that happens, the repair job for a goldsmith.

2-Pearl pierced on one side:
Are typically used in earrings, kind of a loner, or rings. The hole is made up half of the Pearl. The bit used leaves the inside of the hole a bit rough for the special glue can adhere better. The pin where it fits this gem (be in earrings or ring) will be of gold, slightly smaller than the Pearl and hole with grooves or spirals (again, to help grip the glue). Both the Pearl hole as the metal PIN must be 100% clean and free of dirt, dust, grease. The glue used is Epoxy based (base and catalyst), and applied with a special gun for Professional only enabled. The Krazy Glue type adhesive is not recommended. Why? Is that the glue Epoxy type is more flexible than the Krazy Glue, which means it will allow accidental shocks occur (the ring or earring hitting here and there, normal thing to happen) without the Pearl comes loose. The Krazy Glue is vítria and often “breaks” with shocks, leaving the Pearl drop without warning. But of course, even using Epoxy glue, it is possible that the Pearl back to fall over time. If you have a gem like this and the Pearl took off, take a jewelry store. It takes skill to keep the glue leaking out beyond the cleft. If that happens, goodbye nacreous surface (and delicate) of Pearl.

3-no holes
Occurs when the pearls have size and unusual formats. The use will be for support on a surface that “hug” the Pearl and can be fixed with claws and grifas. Even when it’s claws or grifas, one can use the Epoxy type glue to increase security. If there are no claws, it is certain that the Pearl was fixed with glue and, if it falls, the jewel to the jewelry store.