Patch Is the Perfect Choice for a Contemporary Decor

Decorate The Walls Is Always An Economic Option And That Can Make All The Difference In Your Environment

The stickers are a great option for those who want to modify a environments without much cost, dirt and work. These products are found in many styles, colors and prices. Can be used in any space, but without overburdening the decoration.
There is also the possibility to order custom stickers for your home or desktop stand uniquely decorated and differentiated.
Another advantage of using the stickers to give it that “up” on your decoration, is the fact that accessories can be changed at any time without difficulty, explained by SPORTSQNA.

Ips To Decorate The Wall Of Your Property:

1° First remove the sticker from the packaging. How often comes rolled up, open it on a flat platform and pass a ruler on the surface of the protective paper to remove the amassadinhos that exist.

2° Prepare the application site (wall, door, furniture, glass, fridge). Clean well the surface by removing any dust or grease residue and make, preferably, this cleaning using alcohol.

3° Set perfectly the position of the adhesive, pasting it temporarily with duct tape. After you have verified that it is in the desired position, start the next step.

4° Place clean, dry and set, start the application.
During the activity, make sure you don’t get any bubble in the drawing. With a spatula, which can be of silicone, rubber or plastics, stretch the design from the inside out and be careful not to force too, as this may damage the film.
Hint: wrap the spatula in a sock, cloth or paper towel for faciliatr the application. Now, if it be any bubble, stick with the sharp tip of a stylus and press out the air and join film.

5° Mainly in large drawings, remove the protective paper as adesivando. Remove a small piece and fold.

6° If you want to make the permanent design on the wall, use sealing coatings after application of the adhesive. This material acts as a glue, making it impossible for an easy removal of the adhesive.

7° last and not least, position the furniture, mirrors and/or lights for your drawing win featured in the environment.