Party Dresses and Accessories

Hi friends!!! Today the hunch of luxury is inspired by a country which is one of the most mysterious countries in the world and has influenced the fashion with the richness of their culture for decades: India! For being multi-feminina, colorful, graceful, and full of details, Indian fashion always had featured in the universe fashion. Have you ever noticed that the Indian woman, regardless of having a good financial condition or not, is always wearing jewelry which has a lot of colors and shines? Actually, everything has a meaning: in India, spruce means praise the gods. So, the more the better! The Indian give many inspirations to Brazil. In fashion, for example, major brands and designers brought special woven fabrics in color variations to their national collections, and they are used to apply lace and crystals; all of these illustrate elements of this rich culture and unusual form.

In Campo Grande (MS), you can find several Indian inspirations with lots of details, in party dresses and accessories from Smber. With a job that focuses on high couture, the pieces stand out by using ornaments in creations, such as sequins, lace and pearls. Besides, they also have accurate modelings and the exquisite finishes of parts which is worked in pure silk, silk organza, tulle and taffeta. To our joy, now the store also features an exclusive space for the sale of semi jewels and clutches, the MB ACCESSORIES, which was created to make life easier for those who are looking for beautiful accessories to complement the look. Imagine the scene that you are wearing a luxurious party dresses from MAISON BAIS and combine it with glamorous accessories? Without words!