Pang Adventures, Now Enjoy Your Android of The New Adventure of This Classic Arcade Game

Do you remember Pang? As this arcade classic from the 90’s is back. The Buster brothers debuts new game on Xbox One, PS4 and mobile devices with Pang Adventures.

The developer DotEmu retrieves this famous franchise to bring us this great game that we can fully enjoy our Android devices with the single payment of 2.99 EUR. You will not have Neither ads nor integrated shopping It slowing the game experience.

Pang Adventures He challenges us to burst the balls that rain down from heaven in his new mission to save humanity from a gigantic alien invasion. Tour the world with the two brothers and their new arsenal of weapons along its more than 100 levels to eliminate all the balls and enemies. For the first time we will face final bosses.

Pang Adventures us offers three different game modes:

  • Mode Tour: His history with over 100 levels.
  • Point mode: Play as in the recreational, with three lives and without continuations to overcome his history.
  • Panic mode: 99 levels of battle continues.

Pang Adventures Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: DotEmu
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: €2.99
  • Category: Arcade

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