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Huawei ShotX Smartphone

Instead of an extra lean front camera, the Huawei ShotX has a single 13-megapixel camera, which forwards itself allows—including LED flash. The Android Smartphone with dual-SIM coming to Germany in November for 350 euro.

Too Much Technology

Who can’t get away from his Smartphone, can redeem at least temporarily it against a just phone with basic functions. Such equipment are specifically designed to be used as little as possible. Usually, James Freeman sticks to his iPhone. One…
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Blackberry Cybersecurity Services

The hardware business of Canadians remains mau. Meanwhile, BlackBerry CEO John Chen prompts the conversion into a provider of software and services. Now, the Canadians start an own cybersecurity consultancy. Some BlackBerry fans had expected before the MWC, the Canadians…
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Survey on Smartphone Use

Almost three out of ten Germans aged 65 and over use Smartphones. Especially Phablets have contributed to the Smartphone boom in elderly people. Meanwhile, 28 percent of all Germans aged 65 use an Internet-enabled mobile phone. This was the result…
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Payphones in Germany

Ten years ago, there were more than 110,000 public telephones in the country, today there are still about 30,000. The phone makes many unprofitable. However, some sites do not go out of style. They still exist: yellow telephone booths. Or…
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IOIO Android Plotter

One relies on Arduino, the other on Android, but both structures transform a pop-art, the other in refined line threads in elaborate graphical Unikate – photos of faces. The developer is as a creator of IOIO boards Ytai Ben Tsvi…
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