Samsung Launches Wireless Charger Case for Galaxy S5

The Samsung has just announced the launch of an official cover to charge your mobile phone Galaxy S5 wireless manner. The accessory is not exactly the most energy-efficient or fastest-it seems to exist purely for aesthetic reasons. Continue reading

Works by Jens-Rüdiger Lorenzen in silver and parchment

Under the motto „ jewelry sculptures “ to see about 80 exhibits over 40 years jewellery design from Jens-Rüdiger Lorenzen in the silver Hall of the German Goldsmith House until January 17. The artist’s work is characterized by his growing affinity for the Japanese culture. Also, his experimentation with the dynamics and agility gives its objects plays an important role. His jewelry sculptures or also by him often as „ soul sign “ in the sense
a constantly varying picture show named by subliminal messages, by the motion of the wearer. Continue reading

Perrelet turbine XL Vegas: Watch for Players

The clock turbine Vegas XL by Perrelet brings the roulette table on the wrist.

“Place your bets!”, to “make your game!”, it is called at the roulette tables in The Vegas, Monaco or Baden-Baden. Perrelet watch turbine XL Vegas roulette at the wrist, is in any place of the World game time. Continue reading

Superzoom Is Not DSLR!

Me based on more than 5,000 comments/questions I ever got on this site, I can say that most of my readers have a DSLR, followed by a Superzoom, or both! But I get a question on the difference between these two types of cameras so common for beginners to photography. Continue reading

Pregnant Women Do Not Have To Do Without Beautiful Dresses

Despite baby belly, pregnant women can wear beautiful wedding dresses.There is no reason to forgo a wedding simply because the opinion prevails that one does not fit in any wedding dress of the world. Continue reading

How to Buy the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Type

This is the kind of article where I’m apologizing for the title, but there’s no way to talk about this other than calling for a title that promises to solve problems and questions of who’s trying to figure out how to buy the perfect swimsuit for your body type.

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Mobile Phone Manufacturer Leaked First Image of Galaxy S8

There have been very few leaks of supposed images of the Galaxy S8, which has left electronics enthusiasts eager for any information that delivers the look of Samsung ‘s next lineup . This time, a photo rendering obtained by the BGR through a company that manufactures mobile phones is that it is leaving the most excited animated with what is coming. Continue reading

Jewelblog fair calendar 2010

The following trade fair calendar does not claim to be exhaustive, nor can we guarantee that all data. He is thought of us as a service and can be subscribed via this link with Sunbird, Outlook or ICal. If data has changed or missing please leave us a note in the comments.

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

You have decided to enter the covenant of marriage and are now looking for the perfect engagement ring for your future ones? To find the perfect engagement ring, we have put together 7 tips to choose the right engagement ring.

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Scalfaro watch LM 917 Hans Mezger Special Edition

The wristwatch Scalfaro LM917 Hans Mezger Special Edition is the first air-cooled chronograph in the world. Price: 6917 euro (RRP).

A Porsche for the wrist? Goes – with the Scalfaro watch LM917 Hans Mezger Special Edition. The timepiece includes original parts of the Porsche 917 and has even an air cooling system such as this. Continue reading

How to Use the Earphones to Avoid Hearing Problems?

In-ear headphones are one of the most used by music consumers in their modern gadgets.Also called “in ear”, these headphones are very effective in canceling external noises, allowing the user to listen with more quality to their favorite songs.However, its use for long periods of time and at very high volume can cause serious hearing problems, which are often unrecoverable. Continue reading

See The Risks Of Buying Fake Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important in day-to-day life.Are you looking to save money on buying a sunglasses?

Sunglasses are important in day-to-day life. Are you looking to save money on buying a sunglasses?

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Black Skirt in the Winter

Hi, girls!

Who accompanies since the beginning knows I love love wear skirts, especially in winter with dark panty. I think let the cold far more elaborate combinations and everyone manages to escape, you know?

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Men’s Clothes for Your Body Type: Chubby Men

With a fashion directed the thin, the fat has to turn to find clothes that encourage, often remaining as the only alternative plus size stores, but even these are misguided about the colors, prints and fabrics, forcing the client to have a lot of common sense before you buy anything. Continue reading

Hugo Boss fashion show

Jeannine is today in Berlin fashion week and guest at the „ boss black fashion show fall / winter 2010 ″ by Hugo Boss. Who wants to watch the show on the PC I put the the live stream from 20:30 at the heart. Maybe, yes the one or the other Jeannine in the audience recognizes.

Cameras with Bad Images DVR Stand Alone CCTV

This problem may seem simple to solve, but it is not quite as it will depend very much on the brand and model of the DVR Stand Alone CCTV because each equipment has its specific specification.

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Watch News of the SIHH in Geneva

Links: The caliber of Cartier diver. Right: The Vacheron Constantin Maltese Tourbillon skeleton open worked.

On the fine Richemont watch Salon SIHH (Salon international of la High quality watchmaking) numerous innovations of high watchmaking, ahead of all other major trade fairs in the year, were presented. We present the highlights of the SIHH in Geneva. Continue reading

Product Review: Nokia E71-Part 2

The QWERTZ-Alleskönner?
Keyboard: The full QWERTY keyboard of the Nokia E71, I dedicate a separate chapter, because here Nokia has done all the work and designed a phone that is pleasantly compact and can hardly be described as a second phone. Even my beloved Blackberrys do not come here. The keyboard of the Nokia is small and the keys are very close together, but by a pleasant rounding they can be used more purposefully. After the first few dozen emails, the blind flight via the keyboard is no longer a problem, even with bigger fingers like I have. The pressure point is also very pleasant, fatigue symptoms of the hands I can not determine when typing. Continue reading

Led Flashlight Shock Powerful 990,000w Taser Better Than X900

The above picture is illustrative, the flashlight flashes in
Only one side at a time, or on the side that touches the first aggressor

Watch the video to see how the product works

(Available only by accessing the computer)

The Lanterna has 2 independent terminals for the shock

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How to Choose Your Inflatable Mattress

The inflatable mattress is much used by campers, especially those who go camping organized / structured.

The mattresses were losing space as the mattresses evolved. A mattress today has almost the same price as a mattress, and anyone who has slept in it knows well the hardness, with the pardon of the pun, that is.

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How color is black?

The Berlin fashion week is over and I had the great fortune to be able to be on the Hugo Boss show. As I reported from a jewelry manufacturer for the rest of the week, he wished (with tongue in cheek) „ fun in the arguably more colorful fashion world “. But the fashion world is really more colorful than those of jewelry? My answer is clear: no – it is just visible. While a variety of glossy magazines – including significant representatives such as Vogue, Elle, and Madame – the latest fashion trends devote, catwalk pictures show and introduce the next season must-haves, jewellery and watches are usually only a supporting role and are listed rather than an accessory. Special interest magazines like the jewelry magazine and the SUE (jewelry watches gems) have only a low degree of popularity, is only the attention to man watches – not only in journals – quite high. Continue reading

Your Phone’s Battery Can Die Of Cold?

Paragraph 23 of the magazine Android Advisor warns against the effects of temperature extremes on battery of smartphones. Can the cold kill her? Continue reading

A Classic Dressed Watch: The Master of AndrÉ Belfort

One who wears a casual sports watch at work or in his spare time is not necessarily interested in classic and elegant watches. Yet, there are occasions on which a – associated with the style of clothing that suits – dressed watch between account online. If you do not have such a watch in his collection, must dispense with this guide to the wrist. Rolex, Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre or Lange & Söhne offer in this area an excellent choice – but the watch that he wears only rarely and which does not belong to his heart. Continue reading

Product Review: Nokia 3120-Part 2

Features, camera, etc., and a conclusion
Menu and Features: The Nokia 3120 classic is of course not a smartphone, but Nokia has created a truly sound basis with the software “Series 40” to use non-smart phones. Programs can be installed with Java on the Nokia. Of course, they do not have the functionality of real programs, but they offer quite a lot. For example, Such as Google Maps, which can be accessed and installed in the mobile browser at It is also recommended to surf the Browser Opera Mini, it is preinstalled. Continue reading