Pebble Debuts Its Expected Compatibility with Android Wear

Pebble, the second largest producer of smartwatches of the world, just free for all its users the expected compatibility with Android Wear which I already discussed last December, and thanks to which your users can reply and interact with Android notifications similarly equipped devices with the OS to Google watches.

In addition to this support, from now on Pebble also allows to configure up to five predetermined responses to be able to answer quickly messages messages if we’re busy, although if we want also you can do it directly from mobile, from any of the many applications of messaging that will begin to support. Continue reading

LG Watch Urbane, The New Android Wear Classic and Metal LG

If you are of those who think that the smartwatches still abuse too plastic and little serious finishes you are in luck, because LG has just announced its new LG Watch Urbane, a smart luxury watch with a metallic finish giving you a much more sober and look similar to classic metal watches.

Although the design does not have too much that watch G Watch R, and in fact the device has lost that surname G, Watch Urbane specifications we are slightly familiar, equipping a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, P-1.3 inch Oled screen with resolution 320 x 320 and 245 ppp, and a 410 mAh battery. Continue reading

I Have Android in a Raspberry Pi and What I Serve?

How to define a Raspberry Pi? Basically we have a plate that is a mini. It has everything you need to be: CPU, RAM, ports, power, connectivity, output video and audio… And all in a very compact space and at a very cheap price ($35). And like all computer must be put an operating system.

The operating system that almost everyone uses the PI Raspberry is Linux, a distribution based on Debian. The latest model of the Raspberry Pi, which is on everyone’s lips, even you can be Windows 10. And Ubuntu will be supported natively since it adds the ARMv7 instruction set. Now well, We can also get you Android. How and for what? Continue reading

More Than 720,000 Smart Watches with Android Wear Were Distributed in 2014

Thanks to the consultancy Canalys We already know that they may have gone to devices Android Wear in 2014 since June this year out to the market the first smart watches Google’s platform, and it seems that they have not done not bad.

According to the data, in 2014 is distributed more than 720,000 devices Android Wear worldwide a total of 4.6 million bracelets and other smart watches, which means Android Wear got a market share of more of the 15.65%, nothing wrong considering that he came to the market since the second half of the year, with only five Android devices of which most are put on sale in the last months of the year. Continue reading

Google Has Already Sold over 10 Million Chromecast

Who was going to tell when Google introduced us Chromecast a media streamer was going to turn in one of the most interesting gadgets that you can buy for only 35 euros in the market.

It is one of the gadgets star not we say it users themselves, say it as small stick Google to send content to your TV HDMI It has already sold more than 10 million units. Continue reading

The Google Glass Will Be Redisenadas from Zero, Tony Fadell ‘Dixit’

We cannot say that the Google Glass Explorer program has been a failure, rather the opposite, because his biggest success has been the taking an advanced device to its time as a smart glasses and turn it into a tangible reality, from which to extract their main features and also their weakest points.

Our colleagues from Engadget talked about it this morning, the Google Glass were launched hastily, but not that is the reason why Google was going to abandon the project Star of its famous Google X Labs development team. Continue reading

Xiaomi Has Almost Ready The Second Generation of Its My Band, Which Will Arrive in February

Xiaomi guys do not stop, it seems that they have opened the crate of Thunder and non leaves out information concerning the next moves of the successful firm, just present their phablets of high-end my notice and my Note Pro in addition to a new my mini Box that already depleted units in just 17 seconds in the market.

The following to get from Xiaomi design tables will not be the expected Mi5, as it seems that the Chinese manufacturer has almost ready to hit the market the second generation of its my Band, a bracelet with groundbreaking price-$13 – cuantificadora which arose last July along with the Mi4. Continue reading

ASUS May Be Preparing a New ZenWatch with 7 Days of Autonomy

The ASUS ZenWatch It is not that it has been the most successful manufacturer Taiwanese in recent times, although actually Asus smart clock is one of the most interesting Android Wear catalog. Their sales figures are due rather to his availability, and it is that only has been sold in the United States through Google Play, while in our markets we have already stopped waiting for you.

However, Asus has not been stopped in what refers to wearables, as signing already working on the second generation of its smart watch putting the focus mostly on their autonomy, the appearance that more concerned users of such devices. Continue reading

USSIFA Hamburg 2009

On the 43rd Ussifa from 11 until 13.09.2009, your specialist dealer about the latest watch and jewelry collections from over 100 exhibitors can inform. In addition to the exhibitors, a framework programme with the new innovation platform is „ creation meets innovation “ as well as the „ boys Cellini “ available. The first Ussifa lauded award under the Hanseatic trainees. The winners are chosen by visitors automatically participate in a raffle by their vote. To win, there is a merchandise voucher of company Manuela car or two Jacques LeMans watches.

So Will Operate The Crown Swivel Samsung Orbis, Clock Circular That Samsung Has in The Oven

Korean giant Samsung has already been dropped on several occasions the two most important devices that will be presented during the Mobile World Congress 2015, and that will be the renewal of your smartphone star, the hypothetical Galaxy S6, and a smart watch with circular design.

On the second, which will arrive to complete the Gear range although it is internally known as Samsung Orbis, We have new news related to your interface based on a circular rotating bezel. Continue reading

Eric Migicovsky, CEO of Pebble, Gives The First Tracks on Your Next Watch

With a total of more than one million sold watches, Pebble ranks as the second largest producer of smartwatches the world behind Samsung in a year in which these devices have not finished off. But for this startup from Kickstarter is not enough to sell many watches, what they want is to offer the user the best experience possible, but for that they have to reinvent themselves.

Eric Migicovsky, CEO of Pebble, has given the first tracks of which will bring the next Pebble to released this year, confirming that it will have nothing to do with what they have right now. For Migicovsky, smart watch manufacturers have adopted the same system of applications that we have in the mobile and do not believe that is working, so your company is willing to take the step of revolutionizing the market with another type of interface. Continue reading

Xiaomi Returns to Do So, My Mini Box Breaks Records with 9,000 Units Sold in 17 Seconds

What Xiaomi is a case worthy of study, and is that the Chinese firm accumulates her success while they fly the stocks of each device that launches. The latter, the new my mini Box is presented along with the high-end phablets my notice and my Note Pro.

Was a real surprise as if they were the My Note, already expected Chromecast-like device for some weeks, but Xiaomi has achieved what few manage to convince new users, failing to sell 9,000 units of its new my mini Box in their first 17 seconds on the market. Continue reading

Motorola Could Extend The Program to The 360 Moto MotoMaker

The bike 360 has been the smart watch more expected from 2014, a full year of wearables that has served as a perfect springboard to launch the expansion of this type of device.

It is surely not the smartwatch with more possibilities of the market, but if it has been the first to go for a more classic concept of clock, with a circular design more akin to a conventional watch and much had to see that the Bike 360 It became object of desire of most. Continue reading

The Humble Bundle Launches Its Sixth Edition of Exclusive Games for Android

The Humble Bundle you no longer need presentation for many by their offers of games for PC, occasionally give Android users a series of independent games that we can get a bargain price. This time they are not games version to PC, but the price is remarkably low.

Remember do not know that there are games with an APK and that in the download page you can ask with its most recent version. Limitations of Google Play, it is not possible to add them to our account, but the good price and the official implementation outweigh the inconvenience. Continue reading

Chronoswiss: Cool blue for the time master big date

Cool color variation for hot days: time master big date in Skyblue

In recent years, the traditional sport line time master has received numerous new members with the distinctive onion Crown. Since 2011, Chronoswiss fans can buy the clock measuring 44 mm with a big date. In addition to the big date, that is quite prominently placed on height of 12, there was also a power reserve indicator. Continue reading

Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Available in Google Play without in-App Purchase

Last year and a half from the previous delivery, Gameloft is back with a new title for his famous series of shooters for mobile devices. Modern Combat 5: Blackout You can reach all major platforms, and is now available for download on Google Play.

With Modern Combat 5 we have finally an action game for mobile devices in conditions, whereby pay once and forget about all advertising and in-app purchase. Continue reading

Jewelblog hits: Scott Devon, founder of the watch brand Devon

From motor racing to the clock building: Scott Devon

Bridgat: what an idea standing behind your project as you had decided to create a new watch? What did you do before work?
Scott Devon: I was previously in the American car and cycling) engaged. We were very successful and have won several races. Then I had the idea of a special product – a luxury product – to bring to the market, which is simply different and extraordinary. On the basis of this idea, I founded 2008 Devon works, but it took still some time until we finally in the year 2010, it was mid-July, finally our first clock could deliver. Continue reading

Monument Valley, Made Art Mobile Game

For years always stigma has been in the mobile games eren games in a category lower than those who leave for other more focused in the game devices, such as desktop consoles, laptops or even the computer. Is not for less, since many games have missed all kinds of artistic quality and playable, but by dispensing Monument Valley is not one of them.

I am a firm advocate that a game can succeed on the platform that is If you can adapt perfectly to her, knowing the limitations, qualities with the most potential and the time of consumption that we can give you a sitting. Already there are signs of this as the game Star Command, and Monument Valley joins head the list of games that could not exist if it is not mobile. Continue reading

Longines: heartbeat with elegance

Nowadays rarely: Pulsometer – and Asthmometerskalen

As well as the mechanical heart of a clock strikes also our body to the beat of his own rhythm. Long ago, therefore watches were used to measure the heart rate and respiratory rate. With the new model Asthmometer-Pulsometer chronograph is a tribute to those historical models of the brand, serving a medical purpose first and foremost Longines – today only watch fans can associate the concepts of doctor – and sister watches right off the bat This function. The measurement of two bodily functions is very easy and requires only a creative extension on the dial of a chronograph: 30 pulses are counted after the start of the wattmeter or it is five one – and exhaled, the pointer stopped and then read the corresponding information to the blue Asthmometer – or the Red Pulsometer scale. A high-quality automatic movement ensures the precision of the mechanical “heartbeat” – that works in a characteristic of Longines elegant casing made of stainless steel. 1710 EUR is the price for the clock measuring 38.5 mm.

Tips to Renovate Your House

When you love something, you always want to take care of it with much care and attention. Making a change in the place where you live is a gift for both the place and you. If you are in the way which calls for carefulness and calmness, the dream will not become a nightmare. Continue reading

Three Games for The Tenth Humble Bundle for PC and Android

A week ago already talked about the tenth edition of the Humble Bundle for PC and Android, We offering great games for both PC and Android indies pagadnop price we would like. In addition, fulfilling its tradition, last week added new games games to increase the value of the bundle.

This time we find games that had already appeared in previous various bundles, but which are a good opportunity for who could do was with them at the appropriate time. These extra games are for that at the time paid more than average and now remains for those who exceed it from now on, that it is located in the 4.83 dollars. Continue reading

Ice-Watch: Now in leather

A tad bit adult: ice-watch extends the target group with the ice-vintage collection

Is the ice-watch adult? It almost has this appearance, because the new ice-vintage collection of Belgian vertical has nothing at all colorful, loud or shrill. Thus the company deviates from the so far successful brand concept and presented a new idea: leather bracelets and freshened in decent vintage-look characterize the image of the four models. This is a range of former fans, which be slowly grown and seek a more clock on one. On the other hand, the design speaks new target groups whom the previous models were just too colorful. Therefore, the new models are also no going back on the fashionable accessory character of ice-watch. Finally vintage is full in vogue. And the designer gave two attributes of the collection, which highlight it from the mass of the retro trends. There is a the diameter of the watches, the (53 mm big in the variants of big (48 mm) or big) are available. On the other hand, the quartz movement in a transparent plastic case can be found on-ice r call the material the brand makers. Continue reading

Feminine Retro-Fashion By Viennese Creation

Delicate fabrics and girlish and vintage chic, you could describe the style of Antonia of the retro label Vienna design. Most the concise back neckline with button and the Bubi collar stand almost as a landmark for them and make them unmistakable. If you know your fashion, do you expect behind almost an essential being and is then pleasantly surprised when you meet the pretty but down-to-Earth woman with the large white Shepherd. We made you our infamous five questions and provide you with, values reader, visit their online stores or even better the very stylish shop in beautiful Vienna warmly to the heart. Also on Facebook you can follow her. Continue reading

Stardom: Hollywood, The Sequel to The Game to Become a Star

Some time ago we told you about stardom: The A-List, a game in which our goal would be to achieve Let make us a name in the world of the spectacle acting in all kinds of creations, from ads from home shopping to big-budget movies. Relatively recently that the original game failed to update to make way for what would be the sequel, Stardom: Hollywood.

The mechanics and history of the game not far from the original game, being almost identical to the original game except improved graphics and new types of films and series. We will start in a crappy apartment as it only and will have to pass through different castings for achieving stardom and starring in major movies that give us recognition among fans. Continue reading