Oppo Unveils SmartSensor

During the second day of the Mobile World Congress 2016 going to Barcelona, Oppo has announced a new technology for image stabilization called SmartSensor.

The solution presented by the Chinese manufacturer is not only innovative, but is also the most compact currently on the market.

Whereversmartphone measure vibrations directly on the three axes of roll, pitch and yaw of the sensor, providing some compensation through a Microelectro mechanical systems MEMS System in just about 15 milliseconds. This is the first case of image stabilization through the sensor and not through lenses.

The digital image stabilization is not able to deliver results, as these are changes in post-production. “This approach eliminates the symptom rather than the root of the problem, resulting in an inevitable loss of image quality“, explains in the press release.

The optical stabilization, however, does not alter the image as apply the fix before the shot. It may affect both lenses that the sensor, but considering the small size of the modules of smartphones, so far the choice is always fall on the application of stabilization within the compensation through the lens with a small engine.

Oppo redefines the State of the art by proposing a three-axis image stabilizer for sensors, able to compensate for even those moves on the roll axis sche lens stabilisers are not able to delete.

Also the speed of the operation has been implemented: If “traditional” compensation requires up to 50 milliseconds, Oppo SmartSensor technology enables you to achieve better results in only 15 milliseconds. In addition, also the battery consumption is reduced by 500mW just10mW for photos.

Finally, Oppo believes that the rate of reaction and the optimization of the battery it also adds an improvement in the quality of the image, capable of an accuracy of just 0.3 µm, 10 times higher than traditional technology.