Openwork Leggings and Heat Wave

After light for hot weather leggings, to the Blog to pantyhose, one turned squarely to the leggings openwork!

After all, aeration, what better than a p’ little holes in the legwears? This is therefore 4 pretty models light and airy.

The infinite openwork legging

Not that it is perforated to infinity! Simply, cuts that run along the legs of these short leggings are ‘infinite’ symbols, 8 bed and slightly elongated. This perfectly opaque Black Corsair is perforated calf until upper thighs: original and easy to wear!

The destroy legging

This long black leggings are much more rock’roll! The borders are slightly roulottees and he is openwork holes of different sizes:destroy effect guaranteed!

This summer, forget your sweltering torn jeans, choose a legging holed!

The finely perforated legging

Let’s go back a little more finesse with this legging short finely perforated. He is also a black opaque privateer.

The rafters are willing share and other calf. We can match them a skirt, a dress or a tunic colored, slight preference!

The legging holed

Finally, a bit of color in this selection to p’ little holes! Leggings with holes gives the impression he’d give. Rest assured, point at all!

We love these leggings perforated on all of the legs, his electric blue or his gray Pearl:beautiful colors bright, ideal for those sunny summer days.