OpenStreetMap Fills 10 Years

Open source alternative to Google Maps, among other things, filling up the years and has been developing rapidly over the last 7 years.

Ten years ago started OpenStreetMap as a free, open-source alternative to other mapping tools on the Internet. Today, ten years after, it looks as if it has been possible to make a community driven map-tool that can be used for something useful to the general public.

OpenStreetMap Fills 10 Years

Openstreetmaps is often called “the wikipedia of maps” and are essentially created by users and can be used under open license. 

Developer Martijn van Exel shows the development of the OSM has reviewed since 2007, with his OSM Then and Now you can see the meteoric development project has been through the last 7 years, you can zoom in and out on the globe and see how many map data that has come to since 2007.

Today the OpenStreetMap 1.6 million contributors, by way of comparison, the figure in 2007 only 9000. In 2012 started Google Maps a new price scheme on Google Maps, here chosen several prominent sites switch to OpenStreetMaps, such as Craigslist, Foursquare and not least Apple who walked away from Google and made their own navigation that uses the TomTom and OpenStreetMap data.

OSM Maps & Navigation can now be downloaded for free (up to 10 cards) for Android, and their navigation works quite admirably. I have a month ago finally switched from Google Maps for OSM, their navigation is so polished and functional that I now do not miss some features from Google Maps.