Knife, flask or bottle and flashlights are essential equipment Kit Pilgrim. The choice entte canteen or cylinder must be made in accordance with you intend to load them:

embedded in the Fanny Pack, in side pockets backpack, etc. If you intend to start your walks too early, by the morning (or walk after sunset), maybe you need a more powerful flashlight to illuminate the power trails and find the signs. If this is not the case, preferably by a lantern smaller and therefore lighter. Below you can see some of the possible options.

Normally, you won’t need many times of a treadmill. However, on some occasions, it may be necessary to lie down while walking or even sleep on the floor in a hostel, for there are no beds (hostel Grañon) or on grounds of all accommodations are already occupied.

VICTORINOX-Swiss Army officers Knife. Functions: Large Blade, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver, wire stripper, electric, corkscrew, Ring, tweezers and Toothpick

TRAILS & DIRECTIONS-Canteen-standard model of various armed forces in the world.
Manufactured in highly resistant polyethylene punctures. Do not knead or rust.
Comes with cover and thermal protection.
Capacity: 900 ml.

KAILASH-Bottles to carry rehydration fluid.
Flip-off CAP and nozzle from two positions: when is pulled up, the liquid flows freely when you press the bottle; When is pressed down, the net output is blocked.
Compatible with the bottle holder Mule-Mule, Rush or similar.
Capacity: 750 ml.

POLAR-type plastic Squeeze Bottle with thermal insulation.
Ideal for outdoor activities in hot or to be used in the city during the summer.
Possess inner lining to keep the water cold.
Can be taken to the freezer for longer storage of the temperature.
Conservation time: about 3 hours (being frozen).
Suitable only for water.
Capacity: 595ml.

MAGLITE Solitaire Flashlight-Blue
Mini Flashlight with adjustable high light intensity.
Body in anodized aluminium high strength, corrosion and water proof.
Stack: 01 AAA (TOOTHPICK).
Reflector: adjustable focus.
Includes a light bulb recently, key chain and a AAA size battery.
Weight: 27 grams with the battery.

FERRINO-T5, black Lantern, miniature, watertight
Uses AA batteries 02
Emits diffuse light for use inside tents
Length: 14 cm
Diâmentro of the lens: 3 cm
Weight: 50 grams
Waterproof, supports up to 100 meters deep

TRAILS& DIRECTIONS-termoisolante Mat.
Length: 1.80 m.
Width: 50 cm.
Thickness: cm 0.8.
Weight: 300 grams.