Novelties at IFA 2016

Novelties at IFA 2016Today is the last day of the IFA in Berlin. The leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances excited every year with innovative and futuristic products. In addition to the latest smartphones and tablets are round the IFA innovations presented from different areas. This year, for example, invited the company Sphero to a discussion on the opportunities and challenges in the use of robots to Telefónica BASE CAMP in Berlin.

Smart Home, the networked home, is this year one of the trending topics at the IFA in Berlin. Lighting systems, security systems or the digitization of simple things for daily life such as shopping are in demand. Samsung presented example, the Family Hub has a fridge, which has a built-in door 21.5-inch full HD tablet on TimelessTablets. This notes can be left to family members or roommates or recipes are displayed. Inside there also are three cameras, the photos of the content display. Thus, the content including a notes is also visible from the outside. The images can also be viewed on the smartphone and so help while shopping here, only to buy what is really needed by Internet. Are coupled to the Internet smart household and entertainment devices via built-in SIM card-for example, from the house of Telefónica.

Versatile Tablets, Learning Batteries And Two-Wheel Navis

Even in traditional areas of consumer electronics, including smartphones, tablets and notebooks, has much to offer at this year’s IFA. For example, presented the PC maker Lenovo with its new Yoga Book a mix of tablet and laptop, which gives enhanced tablet experience. The Halo keyboard appears only when needed and otherwise serves as a notepad for drawings, sketches and notes, which are digitized immediately.

The newly presented smartphone Sony Xperia XZ has an intelligent charging technology that the charging behavior of the user adapts and thereby increases the battery life.

Interesting in terms of smartphone photography offers at IFA presented True Zoom Mod of Hasselblad . The module fits to the smartphones of Moto-Z series from Motorola and can be magnetically fastened to the smartphone. Especially when you travel replaces the handy module by the optical 10x zoom plus Xenon flash camera.

For scooter and cyclists there is also an interesting Navi TomTom to discover, which can be mounted on the steering wheel easily and brings Bikes by road transport. The TomTom VIO gives voice instructions via Bluetooth audio system in the helmet and shows thanks to connection to the smartphone calls on the navigation screen.

Wearables arm and music to the ears

In addition to Smart Home and smartphone also is watch from the trends in the industry is not indispensable. The Samsung Gear S3 was presented simultaneously in two versions. In addition to the model Gear S3 Classic it will also give the model Frontier. The Frontier is specifically aimed at the growing market of outdoor enthusiasts. A built-in GPS chip also makes it largely independent of the smartphone that can thereby remain as jogging at home.

The presented at IFA Q Adapt On-Ear Headphones from Libratone, provides perfect sound, no matter where. Here, the wireless headphones can be controlled with a fingertip. Sony also offers the 1000X Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones the right gadget for all music lovers. With streaming offerings like Napster Flat of O 2 Telefónica provides the perfect complement to make the favorite soundtrack is always and everywhere.