Nordic Country and Very Chic

When I was little, I didn’t understand it when adults said “The weeks flying”. I loved spending the weekend playing in the Park, I wasn’t feeling “of weeks pass quickly,” and now they are to me as a blink of an eye.

I wish I could enjoy the weekends in a House with as much style as this that I bring today. Is a simple place, but with a lot of style. The House has Norse decoration with details. A mixture of times and parts, and they let carry by a thread.

The luminosity. The Add-ons are essential in this space, with touches of colors, frame compositions and with decorative accessories and everyday that bring the dining areas and style of work. I love the naturalness transmitted by environments.

The dining room is unlike anything. With the worn finish wooden table, and the big bank in L flooded for cushions of various prints. Couldn’t look more cheerful, besides being a very Nordic space, your owner included pieces of different styles and eras. Such as the wooden chairs and wire basket used as a magazine rack.

Always highlighting colors. I was fascinated by romanticism, the room exudes. trend wallpaper, no doubt and in charge of bringing that feeling, that along with the doors and the wood floors, make me dream of idyllic light of morning.

In the garden the idea of adding grace to an old structure of tulips of a lamp, it’s a great inspiration for a project. We decorate our garden in a romantic way, including feminine touches.