Nokia is a Return Of The Brand In The Mobile Phone Market In Vista

2016 again, after the former world leader, was in the Smartphone business and gave the business to Microsoft, there could be end of Nokia phones. Build it would but a partner.

The Nokia brand might return end next year in the business with mobile phones. Nokia would then but only design devices and license production, marketing, and customer service, the Finnish company said Tuesday.

The former mobile phone world leader Nokia lost connection in the Smartphone market several years ago at Samsung and Apple. In April of last year, Microsoft acquired the mobile phone division of Nokia. But the combination was not the hoped-for gains in market share in the Smartphone business the group so far. Last week Microsoft wrote down $7.6 billion on Nokia, 7800 more employees of the Division to lose their job.

Nokia-smartphones in the first quarter of 2016 at the earliest

After the sale, Nokia is focused on business as network equipment manufacturers. The Group stressed that according to the agreements with Microsoft a phone under the Nokia brand name no earlier than 2016 could come in the fourth quarter on the market.

Speculation about such considerations for Nokia’s return in the business with a partner there for months. According to this model, the Tablet Nokia N1 on the market that is available so far only in a few countries came in already running with Android. The brand still has a certain radiance in emerging and developing markets, where cheap Nokia mobile phones were popular until the last minute.

Microsoft had taken after the acquisition the Nokia name of the Smartphones, but continues to use the Smartphone under brand “Lumia”. CEO Satya Nadella announced that Microsoft more wool focus in the Smartphone business, which should mean a much closer range. Windows Manager Terry Myerson late Monday at the same time stressed that there would be new premium smartphones with the new operating system Windows 10. Windows 10 come end of July on the market.