No Return to Have The Rule, Is Possible? and Healthy?

More or less all women have had or have one relationship a bit complicated with our menstruation. In some cases, directly, the relationship is of Supreme hate (and mutual). Intense pain, swelling, discomfort, Moody, abundant flow. Each one know which of these gifts we carry. Some lucky ones, none; others, all together. And, I say, is it really inevitable?

Modesty aside, I’ll tell you my personal experience. I was that they had all that pack of things, with special incidence a disproportionate flow and a hellish pain. All of this getting worse over the years, but with some periods of truce. My previous gynecologist did not recommend me the use of oral contraceptives for my age (35), for being a smoker and having a family history of cardiovascular problems. ¿Conclusion? For me, for a few years, the months had three weeks. The other, the rule, was banned to travel, beach in summer, and almost anything different to drag me to work as best I could and vegetate on the couch to diet of ibuprofen and blanket.

Some months ago I had a health problem grave (nothing to do with this topic). In one of the analytical, much more complete than a routine check-up, to my hematologa struck you a fact: had no iron. It is not to be so low, is that had zero. ZERO. Other values were normal, so he asked me if I had abundant rules. When I replied that Yes, almost yelled at me: “And you can tell why they continue to have the rule?”.

Imagine my face. Obviously, as soon as the rest of health problems were solved, including two months going to the Hospital three times a week to prick me iron, I asked quote with another gynecologist (it had decided as before to change for other reasons). In what explained the issue of my iron deficiency (abnormally low amount of iron in the body), and the fact that had been always recommended me not to take the pill by the danger of thrombus, gave me the solution: the mini pill o without estrogen pill. And explained to me that it would withdraw me the rule (all of it, including pain) and that, at most, could stain a little at some point in time.

What ye asked you at that point? I had very clear. «Okay, perfect, what is the but of all this? Side effects and others’. He said he could feel a little Puffy, gain some weight or retain fluid. Come on, the same as with any other oral contraceptive. Came out me of the soul the following phrase: “And why not take this around the world?”. And my gynecologist replied with a shrug.

«The majority of side effects that are usually attributed to this pill are, in reality, result that is prescribed to women who leave already with certain conditions (age, smoking and health history)». David Delvin.

To be rigorous, the side effects spoken of in the leaflet they are: irregular bleeding, pain, or swelling of the breasts, nausea, headache, or weight gain. And indicated also that they should not consume it people who suffer or have suffered from cancers with hormonal implications, or jaundice, thrombosis, or vaginal bleeding (Besides, obviously, those allergic to any of its components).

The doctor David Delvin, specialist in planning family and member of the Contraconcepcion European society, considers that the great advantage of this pill is in their suitability for those women that are not recommended the regular contraceptives.

It’s been a couple of months Since I started taking this pill. The mother nature It was due considering that already I have suffered enough in life, because I have not only had all the advantages of the mini-pill (marketed as Cerazette), but that I have not had or a side effect: bleeding small weight gain or anything.

“The main reason for its little use are irregularities in menstrual bleeding, which can lead to amenorrhea.” Ana Alonso.

Ana Alonso, pharmaceutical, it tells us that this drug is still very minority. “It is not the priority choice, they usually only prescribed to those groups that have risk with estrogen: smokers, people with high cholesterol or age greater than 35 years. In addition, your contraceptive effectiveness is slightly less».

There are views for all tastes. As I said at the beginning, my personal experience It is being very positive, which does not imply that it is valid for all women. But yes I have checked that, commenting it with my environment, this pill is a great stranger, except in very specific sectors such as infants, for example (is the only oral contraceptive compatible with breastfeeding). Of course, your prescription must pass by the gynecologist (required the prescription to acquire it), but if you are of those women who suffer a torture monthly because of menstruation, my advice is that, at least, you consult with your doctor the possibility of testing it.

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