Night Fishing Tournament Next In Las Palmas

The Undersecretariat of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Production extends the invitation to all people to participate chaqueño 14 Fishing Tournament Night Varied Embarked with Return this weekend will be held in Puerto Las Palmas. Contestants will compete by a motorboat and the general public can enjoy the great musical festival with popular artists.

Undersecretary of Natural Resources Fishing, Findjobdescriptions, explained that this event has the distinction of being a nightly tournament will begin on Friday 16 with the registration of contestants and 17 output the river from 16 to 20 hours or so will be performed.” we must promote sport fishing, mainly it is to return, for that will be the Department of Wildlife controlling and inspecting for our fishermen sit sport as it is that is fishing and returning the same issue , ” he added Senger. In this context, the event invitation extended to the entire chaqueño people. ” We invite all the Chaco population that can come close to Las Palmas so we can share this moment very nice experience for the entire province of Chaco.” Meanwhile, the director of Fauna, Mario Cuevas said the work of the Directorate, “we at all events attended varied catch and release as drivers and supervisors, also helping the tournament organization in this regard. “We participate with a boat and inspectors and people going to work to make this event out best , ” he said. In this context, Cuevas stressed the importance of controlling fishing events and follow – up that makes the Wildlife Directorate to fish species. “In fish long they have it measured, then returns and the number of species that are taken is used to produce technical studies control and monitoring that management made through its technicians are done , ” he concluded.