New Outdoor Lighting Technology

For warm summer nights the Italian lighting manufacturer recommends Masiero his brilliant outdoor lighting collection. Thevarious Masiero Drylight lights bring Venetian flair to the exterior while fulfilling the usual high quality standards. To use the pat by the manufacturer DRYLIGHT® technology, whereby the Masiero outdoor lighting properties such as water resistance and resistance to weather conditions bring.

Elegant Atmosphere With Masiero Drylight LED Chandeliers For Outside

Why no chandeliers outdoors? The classified IP65 Masiero Drylight chandeliers are for outdoor use, whether patio, garden or spa and pool area, ideal. Masiero provides the lighting of Drylight collection also in two versions: The chandelier in the Extreme variant with Methacrylatpendel are weather resistant and can have a temperature range of – 30 to + 50 degrees Celsius cover. Aspremium version there are the Masiero Drylight chandelier with crystal pendant. These are also IP65 certified and can be mounted in inner pool and spa areas or even in bathrooms.

The outdoor chandelier Masiero Drylight convince collection through their classic design combined with modern LED technology(energy efficiency class A +, also RGB LED) and a special design with quality materials such as glass, polycarbonate and glass filled nylon.

The Drylight S6 chandelier Masiero with its six chandeliers arms with both crystal and with methacrylate pendants an eye-catcher.The DRYLIGHT® technology stands for durability and robustness.

In the version with 12 lights arms of Masiero Drylight chandelier is also an elegant design object for outdoor use. These is also the specially sealed wiring as the basis for a simple, elegant appearance does not influence light installation. For more information on Masiero Drylight S12 outdoor chandelier in Lighting Deluxe Online Shop .

Crystal lamps for Outdoor use: Masiero Drylight Highlights

The Masiero Drylight collection is created versatile and in addition outdoor chandeliers also includes various other types of lamps.So in lighting design also different lighting combinations can be selected, from the noble Masiero Drylight table lamp on wall and suspension to high-quality Masiero outdoor floor lamp with crystal or Methacrylate stocking. For energy efficiency and superior lifetime care for all models high quality LED lamps – ideal for outdoor use!

About Masiero

Italian lighting design made by Masiero there already since 1981. The company is with its exclusive lighting collections today to the internationally acclaimed brands for designer lamps and sets in particular the collection Drylight new standards.

Drylight 2.0-Portable Lighting Effect

The next generation of Drylight outdoor luminaires by Masiero is already in the starting blocks: All models are now available with RGBW LEDs, for special lighting effect in any environment. Moreover, the two new models of floor and table lamp ensure maximum flexibility thanks to high-performance batteries. The innovative DRYLIGHT® technology that chandelier is placed in previously unknown environments, thus creating completely new sceneries, outdid himself with it. The boundaries of design outdoor virtually vanish; new opportunities fire the imagination and intoxicate de senses.

Tailored Technology For a Color Fireworks

Especially for DRYLIGHT® series a special LED RGB-W system has been developed that meets the requirements for reliability and performance in the most efficient manner. The patented component consists of a heat sink, an LED board with four diodes and an optical unit which is connected to the electronic control element. It allows countless combinations of light brightness and color.

RGB stands for red-green-blue and white is added in this version yet by “W”. Thus, all imaginable color combination and very different lighting moods can be created. For the classic version of Drylight light you can just choose the warm white light. Masiero also offers a remote control for the outdoor lighting, which serves as a catalyst for endless design possibilities: Choose your favorite color from the color wheel, you can determine the perfect brightness, amuse yourself on the available programs and adjust the speed of the change.

A whole armada of Drylight chandelier you can use the Masiero SmartLight app control that is available for iOS and Android. The exterior lights are also compatible with DMX Smart House systems.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Mobile Außensteh-and-Tischleuchten

In addition to appealing color selection Masiero now offers high-performance batteries for Drylight outdoor lighting. Annoying power cord, affecting the garden idyll and the guests stumble on the terrace as a thing of the past. Check for kid night lights.

In massive foot of the table and floor lamp, a lithium ion battery is installed, the property has 10 hours of power and is recharged within 5 hours. In walking, a receiver for Wireless and DMX systems installed. Thus, the pieces of Masiero App or the Smart Home system can be controlled as well as chandeliers and sconces.

The end of the attachment to the cabling is probably one of the greatest innovations for outdoor lighting. In the design of outdoor areas so that entirely new possibilities are opened. The Drylight series is expanding its already very diverse range of application and proves again and again that chandeliers not only suitable for ballrooms.

The imagination knows almost no bounds: In the garden Drylight radiates floor lamp in green with the plants around the bet that the chlorophyll pale with envy. In Pool Party, the color change of the magnificent Drylight chandelier can be matched to the beat of the music. The friendly gathering on the terrace is accompanied by the dimmed light of the exterior wall light.