Need for Tweed Dog Sweater

When the air becomes cool and your dog walks require a jacket, it’s time to pack up your dog too. Choosing a dog sweater to keep your dog warm on those cool outdoor walks is important. With such a variety of sweaters available today dog, pick the right one so your pet will be comfortable on those frosty days.

Need for Tweed Dog Sweater

Measure your dog before you shop for a dog sweater. Place a tape measure at the base of his neck and run it to the base of its tail when it meets the body. Record this measurement. Many dogs are sized sweaters along the torso of your dog.

Decide where you want to shop for a dog sweater. Specialty pet stores will offer a variety of styles. Large discount stores with a selling point for pets will also offer dog sweaters. Although they may not have a great variety, their price will be less than a specialty store.

Determine which cut or style is best for your dog. When choosing a dog sweater for a male dog, avoid sweaters that cover their entire stomach area. They may accidentally soil the sweater when urinating. Look for sweaters with “U” shape of the abdomen that covers your chest, but leaves the back half exposed.

Choose a sweater made of fabric, suitable for time. Vinyl and plastic ponchos are great for spring. Cotton style T – shirt dog sweaters are best suited for moderately cool weather. Choose knitted, lined and reinforced dog sweaters for the colder winter months.

Look closure of sweaters dog. Some sweaters will offer zippers. Theses are particularly useful for very active dogs. Elastic and Velcro closures are good for more docile dogs. Other closures include buttons and snaps. Try several styles on your dog to determine which style will stay in place.

Choose a classic look or go out of fashion. Dog sweaters with classic colors and fabrics are readily available in large domestic hypermarkets and discount retailers. Pet boutiques often offer more chic styles with fun phrases, logos or photos printed on dog sweater. Decide how you want your dog to look.