Nails:the Importance and Their Care

Why use nails?

Many Brazilians are in difficulty to maintain naturally beautiful nails for these break easily or by habit of biting them. The immediate solution to bring more beauty to your hands may be the simple fact of using nails. Most of the time it’s easier to take care of an artificial nail, than their own natural nails.

The nails, as well as the hair and other parts of the body, directly influence the self-esteem of women, often even the job market requires a good appearance, being important to care for your nails.

With so many versions of artificial nails, you can choose and find a more adéque to your reality and comfort. The great advantages of this type of maintenance is that the techniques are simple and easy, since you have a reliable professional who knows how to handle them, your hands can gain greater charm and success in any time of the day!

The long fingernails can be of plastic, porcelain, gel or many other materials. The finishing process of the majority is made with gel and powder, allowing greater fixation and durability of the product.

The trends of the moment are still: oval nails, French style and colorful , the stickers for nails also won a lot of space and can be bought anywhere, whether in internet or in trade points .

Care at the time of application

It takes some attention at the time of application. After you define the format and your preference, it’s time to glue them, note that does not create an air space between your nail true and fake, because if this happens or if it is misplaced, can leave gaps for the entry of micro-organisms that can bring health risks from their hands.

The middle of each nail maintenance can be dedicated to each 15 days, a fairly good time, when it comes to durability of them.

Another very important issue is you use a size that feels free to perform their routine tasks, because there is nothing worse than feel difficulty to prepare a food, for example, for the fulfilment of the nail.

Bacteria and fungi

If you realize that your nails have some problem, in color, structure (deformities) or fungi and bacteria, seek a dermatologist or Podiatrist urgently to treat, do not use any material or product without the knowledge and medical advice, because these cases when not treated can bring problems.