Nails Launch Opi: Tickle My France

After the last Superhypermegaglitzerlack, this time had to produce a subtle color… I had worn before him, but with a matte finish, this time I opted for the normal, glossy version and am although color pleased but still not high. Her → read here can the old post.

OPI – Tickle my France-y
La collection de France (limited)

  • 1 coat “Start To Finish” (OPI)
    • 2 coats ‘Tickle my France-y’ (OPI)
    • 1 coat “RapiDry” (OPI)

Order & opacity:The job is class, used as well as by OPI, also the opacity is beautiful glossy in 2 layers, is probably a bit lighter and creamier with 3 coats, but I decided consciously for two layers (in part due to the dry season).

Dry season:The paint dries very quickly – but only briefly. After half an hour everything is dried out so far, however, one should avoid it to rack the nails – I could push with my nail even small quirks, which is fortunately still “out wipe” can (finger befreuchten and top gently paint).

Color:’Tickle My France-y’ is a beige with very light purple tint (as you well may see above picture on the right), normally but not be seen. It resembles a little lacquer from the España collection, which is slightly darker and brownish → “barefoot in Barcelona”. I would say ‘Tickle My France-y’ as dark nude paint because he looks depending on the skin tone and layer number light skin tones. Difficult to describe. That’s also the photos are.

Total:in principle I like the paint Yes, but only because of the color. My first time with “tickle my France-y” , there was a problem, which is really bad for nail polish:bubbles via
At that time I had the topcoat in suspicion, I had used a matte topcoat and the bubbles were to see this really extremely. This is not the case this time, but especially on the photos you can see the bubbles well. Live, this is not so noticeable, but closer already.
Now, I believe that it really is the paint itself and am therefore rather disappointed. But I will ‘Tickle my France-y’ determined once again give a chance – but with a different topcoat (not that it is like that!).