My Perfect Boyfriend Is a Mixture of Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and JustEat

I always try to have a number of responses to my modern life easier but I never remember and I just improvising badly. I guess I’m not the only one that when asked ‘how is your ideal guy?’ only miss to say NORMAL. And we were so wide. As if that were an acceptable answer! Immediately after is usually hear a «buf… ‘ as if were asking for an ice cream flavored Unicorn newborn.

But they are right. What is normal? Dress up Alcampo or Quechua brand? Listen to Ivan Ferreiro? Always ask for croquettes as standard? Would that not dislike you El Hormiguero? That always order roncola? What his mother cut her hair? Which is made in Sandwich with Nutella and ham? Normal. The great unknown. This monster of Loch Ness which everyone talks about but no one has ever seen.

Find someone normal is the logical evolution of the «that makes me laugh»

There is another historical moment or block space in which singles have been happier than now. We have everything in hand (as long as you have a mobile phone with the internet well in hand) and a click (always and when you click…). That’s why singles (!) beyond satisfaction sexual (!) to have a comfortable and complete happiness within reach. That is why that singles by devotion thank life every day for giving us so much by so affordable subscriptions.

But we have come to play. Want a “normal” guy is too lazy and want one “that will make you laugh” asks cries a «as to marry Louie Borromeo!». My ideal boyfriend has 30% of Netflix, 40% of Spotify, Just Eat 20% and 10% of Amazon. I don’t need more. Really.

Give me all papi

1. a partner should provide you with interesting content audiovisual music. To teach you the latest news and one thing leads to another (and another). That you feel the same as with Netflix, that that there is so much time to manage everything but the anxiety that you generated does not harm or just a little to your plan to spend all weekend on the couch. That cheer you up the rainy afternoon, sad Sunday and life in general. That ours is desperate and exciting in equal parts. Do you feel the third Gilmore girl and at the same time part of a very large move as Stranger Things.

2 I want to that, like Spotify, every Monday recorded me a tape with a list of new songs that does not know and that the trust fully that you like me but not. Under-age by crazy things without any eccentric exception. It scared me with some reggeaton and having the possibility of hidden of Chenoa y Bisbal secretly listen to while be we rat. To sell me a perfect equation of value and feel that the best will be to bet on a relationship more premium between the two. That calms me, that encourage me and give me vitamin for dinner (Chorus: song). Sorry.

3 How to explain it? Someone pro-active by meeting my needs without overstressing it. To retain my consumerist desires such as Amazon and that when it reaches the high peak of nonsense know exactly what to do and where to get it. The body asked to surrender quickly if so. A versatile and world type. Someone to offer always the best option and that come with views of former users, stars or awards, ratings and a score out of ten.

And 4.-of course, a person open to any culinary requests and that as Just Eat, I get too easy dinner ever invented as possible most Peregrine menu until you give me time to change will. Give me fantastic security that even when the fridge is empty, my stomach will always be full. Easy talk, rating options and reach an agreement – which almost always win I. Anyone that does not import eat Kurdish at four in the afternoon or recenar sushi at one night. Someone to have breakfast at the bar without leaving home. Someone who make my home, a cursed (although I applaud the idea) bar.

I am not asking much. Only good wifi and someone normal supplementing my plan of sofa and rug.

I don’t know, normal.

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