Motorola X Phone, What Moves Across The Network

What Motorola you have to get more phones is something logical, you need to update the catalog, and that’s going to do under the strict supervision of Google, also is somewhat expected. We have quite some time speculating on how will be those phones, and it seems necessary that there must be something different in them so that they seek the attention of a too-competitive market.

Today appear on the network new images of a prototype Motorola news source relates them with the expected X Phone and inform us that the internal name that is known to the project is Ghost. It could be related to a first prototype showed us from Viet Nam.

Can not see too the device on its front and side, to put a casing, but at the back, we have a picture without it, and see a “XFON ATT”, which might be telling us that the “telephone X” relates to the operator AT & T.

The Motorola logo on the front is something that often carry the prototypes of the House, it is the detail that tells us that it is not a final product. Advance us that there are no metal, kevlar, in materials, but polycarbonate. You may have to do with the rumor that speaks of a multitude of colors, somewhat easier to implement with plastic.

It seems that there are no doubts about customizing Android, because there is no trace of MotoBlur, Motorola loose application on an interface, rather style Nexus. We must remember that there are two aspects that Google and Motorola want to be present in the new catalogue well: resistance and autonomy.

The latest rumors point to July as the month for the announcement of Motorola. It is rare, since Google is usually you like present things in the last quarter of the year, which is when a competitor of the caliber of iPhone 5S is expected.